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Breaking Up With God: A Love Story #2020

Breaking Up With God A Love Story Honest like down to the core honest beyond what most people are capable of especially in public on the topic of faith Kelly Corrigan New York Times bestselling author of The Middle PlaceInthe tradit

  • Title: Breaking Up With God: A Love Story
  • Author: Sarah Sentilles
  • ISBN: 9780061946868
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Breaking Up With God: A Love Story By Sarah Sentilles, Honest,like down to the core honest, beyond what most people are capable of,especially in public on the topic of faith Kelly Corrigan, New York Times bestselling author of The Middle PlaceInthe tradition of Barbara Brown Taylor and Sue Monk Kidd, Sarah Sentilles offers a poignant, beautifully wroughtmemoir of her personal crisis of faith Sentilleswas on the way to be Honest,like down to the core honest, beyond what most people are capable of,especially in public on the topic of faith Kelly Corrigan, New York Times bestselling author of The Middle PlaceInthe tradition of Barbara Brown Taylor and Sue Monk Kidd, Sarah Sentilles offers a poignant, beautifully wroughtmemoir of her personal crisis of faith Sentilleswas on the way to becoming a priest when she ultimately faced the truth she nolonger believed Her moving story examines the question of how youleave the most powerful being in the universe and, if you do, where do you go Breaking Up with God is an inspiringreflection no matter where you stand on the matter of faith.

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      143 Sarah Sentilles
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    1 thought on “Breaking Up With God: A Love Story

    1. I have been wanting to read a book like this for a while When I was studying theology as an undergrad, I remember reading a theologian or philosopher who had left faith behind comment that theology was the weaker for having no balance on one side There is a range and diversity of ways to believe and degrees of faith, but once a person crosses a line of doubt to unbelief or no longer thinking Do I believe is an interesting way of framing a question that person s voice is no longer part of the rel [...]

    2. Fun fact I am a divinity school dropout The differences between my div school experiences and this author s, though, are that I a realised much earlier than she did that I was not where I wanted to be, and b I didn t have a crisis of faith, just a crisis of calling Or possibly a crisis of career Or city Crisis of words beginning with C Oh, and the religion is different, but I m less interested in reading about the religion itself than about the experience of it Anyway, I was really excited to pi [...]

    3. One of those humble books you happen upon that manages to change your life Maybe it didn t change anyone else s, and your friends have never even heard of the author Maybe it ll never be a New York Times bestseller Maybe it won t even have its own page But it connects with you, moves you, reminds you that you are part of a bigger story, and you keep coming back to it This book is one of those personal pets for me.I was in a Catholic, all girls high school five or six years ago when I discovered [...]

    4. I felt a great deal of empathy with Sarah Sentilles in this memoir about becoming disillusioned with institutional Christianity Although Sentilles, in her title, claims to be breaking up with God and asserts that she is now an agnostic, I think her real struggle is with the Church and the its institutional interpretation of Christianity I have a lot of problems with that, as well As she studied the scriptures she was in Divinity School studying to become a pastor , she was struck at the huge dis [...]

    5. The farther along I got into reading the book, the apparent it became to me that the author was has suffered some psychological paradoxes throughout her life Initially I was okay with this concept but the further I read, the I thought the author was is suffering from either one or a combination of mental illnesses related to her unfounded spiritual christian beliefs It just got weirder and weirder to me as I read on until I couldn t stand reading about her beliefs any Not my cup of tea.

    6. As an atheist I was excited to read a book that detailed a serious religious person s fall from grace, so to speak However, I didn t get the feeling that the author was really ever that seriously religious I mean, sure, she was training to be a priest, but it was because she wanted to do something grand with her life not because she felt God was calling her Overall, an interesting read, a well written book to be sure, just not what I was hoping for.

    7. Someone clever than me once said that theology is how we talk about God when He s not in the room I thought of that quote as I read this brief and thoughtful book about one woman s journey from Christian faith to faithlessness in Christianity Ms Sentilles was planning on becoming an Episcopal priest when she slowly came to realize that the God she believed in wasn t really hanging out in the spaces where He was thought to be namely, churches, and with the people who attend them No one dumps rel [...]

    8. I was drawn to this book because I have a deep respect for people who leave their faith The emotional and social costs of making a definitive break with a religious community are high, and the path of least resistance for many who find they can no longer believe what their religion teaches can be to just go through the motions, or to drop out of active participation in church life but retain the identification as a member of their tradition It is a brave and honest act to take the step of actual [...]

    9. I bought this book because I loved the title I am an atheist and did not always grow up that way So, to find this book and to read about a woman who grew up Catholic and also went to school to become a priest and then ended up having a falling out with God was a joy to read for me It helped me even understand my own struggles on the real reasons of me giving up on God, or what I like to say, my invisible sky buddy Well, actually, YOUR if you believe invisible sky buddy I will admit, I almost gav [...]

    10. Sentilles describes the evolution on her faith in God as if they had been lifelong friends and lovers The strong, comforting faith of her childhood led her to study religion at Harvard, work as a youth minister, and decide to become an Episcopalian priest As she learned about both religion and human experience, she came to realize that her relationship with God wasn t working In her struggle to decide whether to stay on the path to priesthood, her mother told her, Part of life is discerning whe [...]

    11. If you like memoirs and you want a brief primer on the flavors of Christian theology, this is your book Sentilles chronicles her understanding of God for which she uses the metaphor of a romantic relationship from her Catholic christening, through her masters of divinity program at Harvard, to her ordination process for the Episcopalian church, to ending at the present day when she has broken up with God As she explores her changing views on God, she includes a synopsis of various theologians id [...]

    12. Wow This was phenomenal You could describe it as the author chronicling her move from nominal faith to naive faith to enlightened faith to meta faith, but even that sells it short What it is at heart is honest The integrity Sentilles displays gives the book an authority, I felt not that this is what you should believe, but like this is where I am, and how I got here, and the amount of soul work I had to do to bring me to this place I think that honesty makes the book worthwhile no matter the de [...]

    13. Was this the best book ever Hardly But this is something I have learned in my years of reading good writing, that s probably first, but a close second in swaying opinion is definitely relatability The fact is, I found myself on pretty much EVERY page miserable dating experiences, check Complicated in and out feelings with religion, check Good God, we even both bake for everyone but ourselves So, does this make me a narcissist, that I give a rather well written but somewhat choppy, meandering and [...]

    14. I truly loved this book I was a tad disappointed with how she chose to end it I think even she realized that it sounded trite But overall I haven t read anything before that is even remotely similar to my own struggles with faith This book captured many of the same feelings and reasons I have experienced and it is written with a candor and honesty that I normally have not seen in religious memoirs.

    15. This book provides an honest look at the crisis of faith experienced by a seminarian I think it shows how important it is for those considering a call to ministry to fully explore their faith and their motivation for entering the ministry It also leads me to greater compassion for those experiencing crises of faith and its impact.

    16. It s not a book I would choose to read again, but Sarah is open and honest about her journey, which I can appreciate She has insights that did make me think about issues As a personal memoir, It s not the most well written, but it was interesting, at points enlightening and at others just annoying

    17. I loved this book Sentilles book is a memoir about how she left her faith in a traditional, patriarchal Christian God She interweaves theological ideas with stories from her own life I was so moved by this book, and I highly recommend it to seekers, believers, and anyone interested in the importance of thinking about how our ideas about God impact our world.

    18. I feel like this is a book I should have connected with, since some of it was very relevant to my own experiences with religion But on the whole the writing style left me cold.

    19. 4.5What I loved about this book was the growth of the author s self awareness, and her honesty about her flaws In the beginning, she is filling up the hollowness of her life with religion as a way to feel whole She applies to Teach for America as a way to appear brave and generous when people asked what I was going to do when I graduated She does the same when deciding to be a priest She stays in relationships in which she is being used because she lacks the self esteem to be alone and because s [...]

    20. While many people question their religion and their belief in God, it is unlikely this book is going to appeal to a wide range of those with such questions Sarah Sentilles unfortunately comes across as being self absorbed, self righteous, and somewhat strange at times When she mentions the death of a classmate in 3rd grade and her obsessive praying that followed, one is reminded of Abby Sher s Amen, Amen, Amen Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn t Stop Praying, where she writes about her OCD It makes on [...]

    21. As a good Christian girl, I was tentative to read this book for fear of being led astray, but I am so glad that I did read it and intend to revisit it often Although I don t agree with everything Sentilles has to say, the words she uses form expressions so tangible and real and relatable that I felt at times that my own soul was being reflected back to me Anyone who has wrestled with faith, religion, purpose, or belonging will find themselves at home in Sentilles words, be encouraged to become a [...]

    22. Extremely well written There were so many things that I wanted to underline and take notes on it was a library book so I didn t that I eventually realized I just needed to buy this book The author is young, and sometimes that was annoying, but then her passion to bring about change could only come from youth A beautiful guide to start a conversation about organized religion and the meaning of god.

    23. If there was a hated it rating I would chose it This book isn t about breaking up with god, it is about a woman wanting all of her readers to pity her lack of knowledge about herself and cheer her on while she misdirects all of her self hatred and confusion Don t waste your time, she doesn t know herself any better by the end.

    24. I read this in one sitting, and it rang truer for me than anything I ve read recently It s a beautifully written, honest book, and it made me feel as though I had found a kindred spirit It made me want to have all my friends read this, just to see if there s anyone else who feels the same way I can t relate to all of the author s experiences of church and God and growing up feeling like if you just pray hard enough, bad things won t happen, etc , but so many of the realizations and conclusions s [...]

    25. My relationship with God was never casual When it began to unravel, I was going through the ordination process to become an Episcopal priest I was a youth minister at a church in a suburb of Boston and a doctoral student in theology at Harvard You might say God and I was engaged and the wedding was planned church reserved, menu chosen, flowers arranged Calling it off would be awkward But call it off Sarah Sentilles did and she writes about her break up with God, mostly the before and during, wit [...]

    26. I happened upon this little treasure on the new releases shelf the last time I was at the library I had heard nothing about the book but the title intrigued me It was a fantastic read and everything I d wanted Bart Ehrman s books to deliver, thought they d failed to This gem by Sarah Sentilles is an open and honest look at her own personal journey of faith It s true, she s since broken up with God, and would most likely label herself an agnostic , but I have nothing but respect for her as she de [...]

    27. It took a minute for me to get into Breaking Up with God It s a disjoined memoir that moved quickly to destinations I initially wasn t particularly interested in I kept thinking, get to the breaking up with God part but in retrospect the break up wouldn t have been as powerful without her girlhood narratives I loved that Sarah found love and that she married a man who understood her Part of me feels guilty for writing that As if I thought she needed a human man to save her after she left her di [...]

    28. Sometimes you break up with the person you love because you discover he isn t who you though he was Losing the faith is a very interesting topic I have seen so many people lose their faith I went to a Christian high school and a Christian university So many of my old friends and acquaintances were once highly involved, highly religious young men and women But something happened something must have happened.You have probably heard of a stable Christian dropping his faith after a sudden tragic eve [...]

    29. 3.5 On paper, Sentilles religious background is similar to mine mainline Protestant in her early adult life, but with a mixed faith background that gave her an early understanding of religious diversity I enjoyed her encounters with different theologies and following her experience of leaving a belief system that defined her identity.However, I didn t connect with this book on a deeper level because Sentilles experience of religion is quite different from mine In part, her Catholic upbringing an [...]

    30. This book is an interesting journey into doubt, but it doesn t seem that the author really comes to a point of resolve I do appreciate this as a memoir based on discovery and continuing discovery rather than of reflection Sentilles has a naivete about her self writing that can sometimes be annoying, but it portrays who she authentically is I didn t ever feel like she was trying to hide anything or be someone she wasn t However, it seems like she needs a lot of support and doesn t have a lot of c [...]

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