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A Different Life #2020

A Different Life DISCOVER A BEASTLY DESIREDamon has chased Alex across the cosmos for five long years and he won t stop until he has her back with him Alex lives a quiet life a dull life really until Damon appears

  • Title: A Different Life
  • Author: Leanore Elliott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Different Life By Leanore Elliott, DISCOVER A BEASTLY DESIREDamon has chased Alex across the cosmos for five long years and he won t stop, until he has her back with him.Alex lives a quiet life, a dull life really, until Damon appears and turns her world inside out She is so drawn to him, but his story of who she is and what she is Too fantastic to believeA full Novel at 55,000 words

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      Leanore Elliott

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    1. Breaking the rules usually costs but sometimes you wonder if in the end you might have paid too high a price Nah Alex is a Mesmer, an ancient race of immortals that can wipe away all your memories and create a new reality for you The Mesmers work closely with the chimeras or gargoyles as they are known to us Sounds great right Unless you take into account the fact that Alex cannot feel any emotions, at least until she meets Damon Damon makes her feel alive with a fire that in all her 500 hundred [...]

    2. I found Leanore Elliott when I read her first entry to being published which was the Soul SeriesIf you haven t read the 3 books yet you are truly missing an EPIC storyShe now has refocused her abilities to this new series of The BeastsThis is the Second book in the trilogy The unique concept of this series makes for a wild, exciting ride into the paranormal.The reviews for this second book have given you a heads up to what the sensually erotic story is about.What I can say is this is different, [...]

    3. Beasts of Desire is the second book in the Beasts Series Trilogy by Leanore Elliott The story opens with Alex Rayne in New York waiting for her next assignment from Silas, her point man, friend and mentor Alex is a cat burglar and her next assignment is to go to San Francisco to obtain a medallion During the robbery, she encounters a mysterious man with glowing eyes who continues to pop up at odd times during the course of the next few days Eventually Alex learns that the mysterious man s name i [...]

    4. This book had a neat premise, and let s face it, the cover is smokin hot Too bad everything past the cover was complete rubbish There s too much jumping around, alternate realities, etc I can honestly say it wasn t until I was about 84% done with the book that I finally began to grasp the purpose, and even then it was fleeting because the story started jumping again The only reason I finished it is because I m incredibly stubborn and must finish what I start, at least when it comes to books Bott [...]

    5. A time travel story of endless love Over a hundred years and Damon still wants Alex The last five years of traveling has brought him so close each time but still losing her Their unions are hot and the dining room scene is scorching ON FIRE HOT For me, I ignored the specific details of where when the time travel took place and found I enjoyed the story Each to their own.

    6. Reviewed by CrystalBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI went in reading Beasts A Different Life Beasts of Forever Book 2 I thought it would be like the first one that I read I was so wrong Now I know why these books can stand alone.It s still about Gargoyles but it goes into the mergers, who are people that can erase their minds and put new memories in their heads to give them another life It is so amazing to just be able to think about being [...]

    7. A Different Life follows on the coattails of the first book in this series, The Eyes of Constance A Different Life continues the story with Damon, the brother of Jack from book 1 This second book leads us to Damon and Alex, our heroine, and their struggles as a gargoyle and mesmer, mind memory reader Damon and Alex go through multiple periods in time, all the while, finding each other as they are fated to do so In addition, they struggle with the memories lives they live.A Different Life is writ [...]

    8. I liked this book a lot then the last one, it was less confusing and less all over the place at the start I liked the characters of Damon and Alex Having met Damon in the first book briefly, it was nice to see how he got his HEA with Alex

    9. This is a wonderful series that I would tell everyone that they need to read I really loved it and it is totally different than anything that I ve had the pleasure to read in a while.

    10. The sex was great But the rest was hard to understand which reality they were in But the cover is super hot.

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