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El Narco: Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency #2020

El Narco Inside Mexico s Criminal Insurgency The world has watched stunned at the bloodshed in Mexico Thirty thousand murdered since police chiefs shot within hours of taking office mass graves comparable to those of civil wars car bombs sh

  • Title: El Narco: Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency
  • Author: Ioan Grillo
  • ISBN: 9781608192113
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • El Narco: Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency By Ioan Grillo, The world has watched stunned at the bloodshed in Mexico Thirty thousand murdered since 2006 police chiefs shot within hours of taking office mass graves comparable to those of civil wars car bombs shattering storefronts headless corpses heaped in town squares And it is all because a few Americans are getting high Or is it The United States throws Black Hawk helicoThe world has watched stunned at the bloodshed in Mexico Thirty thousand murdered since 2006 police chiefs shot within hours of taking office mass graves comparable to those of civil wars car bombs shattering storefronts headless corpses heaped in town squares And it is all because a few Americans are getting high Or is it The United States throws Black Hawk helicopters and drug agents at the problem But in secret, Washington is confused and divided about what to do Who are these mysterious figures tearing Mexico apart they wonder What is El Narco El Narco draws the first definitive portrait of Mexico s drug cartels and how they have radically transformed in the last decade El Narco is not a gang it is a movement and an industry drawing in hundreds of thousands from bullet ridden barrios to marijuana growing mountains And it has created paramilitary death squads with tens of thousands of men at arms from Guatemala to the Texas border Journalist Ioan Grillo has spent a decade in Mexico reporting on the drug wars from the front lines This piercing book joins testimonies from inside the cartels with firsthand dispatches and unsparing analysis The devastation may be south of the Rio Grande, El Narco shows, but America is knee deep in this conflict.

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    1. Is this the most beautifully crafted writing about Mexico s drug war no For that it would be better to seek out Charles Bowden or John Gibler It is, however, the most complete and well synthesized history of the Mexican drug trade available in the English language And I will say this distinction is all about sources Ioan Grillo has clearly read all of the most important works of the fearless Mexican journalists who cover the Mexican drug trade, while also undertaking a substantial amount of fiel [...]

    2. This encompasses an excellent historical review of narco crime in Mexico how it evolved and became and vicious.Mexico has been used as a trampoline author s expression for passage of drugs from Columbia to the U.S With the suppression of the cartels or drug lords in Columbia namely Pablo Escobar the power base shifted to Mexico which also produces marijuana and other stronger narcotics cocaine and heroin There are different cartels that compete with each other to transport and funnel drugs to [...]

    3. clickhereto read a really long review read on through for the short one.El Narco is truly one of the best books of nonfiction I ve read this year I would definitely recommend this to anyone who s even remotely interested in the topic I noticed that while looking at reviews I found one where someone calls this book conspiratorial, left wing and Anti American Don t believe it The book is frightening in its implications, because it s all too real, but the facts are well presented and thoroughly res [...]

    4. A concise and thoughtful book that provides an excellent background into the violence that has gripped the border as the drug wars have escalated in the recent years.

    5. The Death Trade The dead can t cry out for justice It s the duty of the living to do so for them Mexico s drug cartels After Islamic terrorists, they re quite possibly the most powerful and dangerous criminals on the planet Hundreds of millions of dollars have allowed them to buy the firepower necessary to make utter mincemeat of the civilian law enforcement which tries to go after them And then there s human rights violations they commit which have sealed them a place in the public consciousnes [...]

    6. More than Society PermitsWhenever I review books about the Drug War, the carnage in Mexico, few seem to care Is it the ostrich with its head in the sand syndrome, or is it the I got my blow, my weed Now get off my back, mentality Perhaps it s my pedantic tone I try not to rail, but when one is familiar with the torture, brutality, senseless beheadings and acid baths, all for control of prohibited drug sales, then one loses one s propriety We permit the Drug War useless billions spent every year [...]

    7. I have a thing for non fiction history books with a fair amount of violenceI liked this book The beginning and end of the book lack a degree of pacing but I thought the amount of research was impressive This portion of our recent history is under reported or sound bite fodder on the evening news, but there is a good amount of depth to this book The author takes the time to break down different factions of the narco gangs, as well as a good historical perspective of each I think it is good report [...]

    8. Very informative book about the Mexican drug war Written by a journalist, it has the feel of an extremely long but interesting magazine article on the history and evolution of the Drug Trade in the Americas Would not describe as a book that couldn t be put down, as the narrative does not include characters you follow get attached to The book sets up nicely for sporadic reading though as each chapter has a unique angle that does not require you to have read retain the prior chapter Like I said at [...]

    9. RATING 3.5 StarsDefinitely a heavy read no happy ending here Ioan Grillo is a well respected journalist who has been reporting from Mexico for over a decade Here, he tackles the North American Drug War, but specifically, the cultural aspects of one of the most dangerous criminal movements around El Narco This book is unique in that it focuses on the culture of drug trafficking and violent crime in Mexico, rather than overarching political and economical debates He clearly shows how drugs, viole [...]

    10. I picked this book because it was the most lauded of the recent crop of English language books about the Mexican Cartels I was not disappointed I have been following this issue for some time now through both newspaper investigations and systematic assessments like those at InsightCrime and Small Wars Journal But while the gruesomeness and the severity of the Mexican DTO problem is nothing new to me, Ioan Grillo highlighted several misconceptions that I had gathered from other usually reliable s [...]

    11. I ve always been interested in how northern Mexico went from weekend destination for kids living in south Texas to a screaming hellhole of violence, and now I know Really cool history opium growing Chinese immigrants you never hear about Chinese in Mexico , the peasant moutain people growing pot on their farms, the rise of cocaine and the shift in trafficking from Columbia Florida to Mexico land border, the fall of fascist terror squads after the cold war and them seeking employment elsewhere, t [...]

    12. Oh, El Narco , how I wished I liked you .I had high hopes for this book after listening to its author, Ioan Grillo, wax eloquently and authoritatively about the Mexican Drug War on the radio some months back I wanted to understand the senseless literally, I can t wrap my head around it killings of over 35,000 people over the past few years by various Mexican drug cartels who went from nearly unknown in the 1980s to some of the most feared gangsters today In some ways, the book does provide this [...]

    13. I picked up this book because I wanted to understand better the drug trafficking situation in Mexico My knowledge about the subject was really scarce and mostly based on newspaper articles The only other book I read about the subject was Arturo P rez Reverte s La Reina del Sur I think El Narco was a great reading choice as Grillo provides us with a very detailed analysis of this phenomenon I was a bit biased about the fact that he is not Mexican, thinking that he may not be able to understand th [...]

    14. While it certainly seems the Ioan Grillo, author ofEl Narco Inside Mexico s Criminal Insurgency, has performed his do diligence by risking life and limb sort of by reporting from the field and interviewing the people involved on both sides of the issue, he ruins it by employing slang street terms to describe them in his narrator s voice I guess with the goal of impressing us all of his street cred I was hoping to gather information about a complex and horrific issue from a clear eyed, no nonsen [...]

    15. Grillo risked his life to obtain incredible interviews with major and minor players in the drug wars, which he describes as major insurgencies not just wars The demand for illegal drugs in the U.S is fueling these insurgencies, as is weak government in the countries of origin The narcotraficantes are expanding to include major extrapolation industries such as illegal logging, siphoning off oil from pipelines and selling it abroad, kidnapping, preying on indocumentados trying to cross Mexico and [...]

    16. Hugely informative but lacking in a structured argument, El Narco provides a factual backdrop to the cartel situation in Mexico and the cultural and class institutions that perpetuate it Unfortunately, Grillo cannot hide his uninformed biases and carries on with banal references and snarky quips that made me feel like I was reading one of those political banterings that crop up so frequently these days.According to Grillo, the Nixon era war on drugs and subsequent aggressive Mexican policy is no [...]

    17. Is there an award like the Razzie for worst audio performance Maybe a Nails On Blackboard award A NOBY If so I would like to nominate Mr Paul Thornley s performance in this book.Although he is a professionally trained actor, I can honestly say I ve heard vocal variation and feeling from a prerecorded message than he delivers here This book may contain the secrets of the universe but I ll never know it was too painful a listen.One thing that puzzles me From the time the narration is complete to [...]

    18. Narcos is a book that s easy to read yet easy to put down and walk away from He s written a series of self contained chapters that paint vivid and important aspects of the narco world Like the British soccer fan sicario in Columbia who follows British dance crazes in his spare time Or the La Familia cartel which is so religious that it created its own Bible and ideology to give its violent business a higher calling Ioan Grillo s analysis of why Mexico has been unable to rid itself of this parasi [...]

    19. As a huge fan of true crime, I was thrilled to receive this book via FirstReads and it did not disappoint.El Narco is a well written, well researched exploration of the criminal insurgency threatening to overtake Mexico Living in the Northeast, my comprehension of the severity of the organized crime epidemic south of the border was limited to occasional CNN headlines and Hollywood movies I was unaware of the scope of this problem, and the potential global implications, of a Mexican drug cartel i [...]

    20. El Narco Inside Mexico s Criminal Insurgency by Ioan Grillo is an outstanding chronicle of the Mexican drug war This book should be required reading for anyone interested in understanding why there is such a drug war, how it started, and why it s not going to go away anytime soon Thanks to LibraryThing s Early Reviewer s for a chance to read this excellent book.

    21. Fantastic Grillo has dedicated enormous amounts of time and energy to examining a whole variety of aspects of the growth of Mexican drug violence interview subjects range from former presidents to street level dealers and assassins What s even impressive is his ability to translate dense detailed material into clear and engaging prose Notes and further reading sections are also excellent.

    22. I am glad that I won a First Reads copy of El Narco With living in Tucson for so many years the boarder war was always in the news Maybe this book will shed some new light on this subject Looking forward to starting this book

    23. If you want to know about drug cartels in Mexico and central America, if you are keen to find out what is really driving Mexico s economy and why some of the biggest american banks survived the financial crisis in 2008, this is the book.

    24. Grillo tediously describes awful murders scenes for most of this book Was hoping for economic, political, cultural analysis

    25. Good book Good read Charles Bowen is a better writer in my view This book covers a lot of information about the cartels and drug culture in Mexico.

    26. Goodobably the most informative and quick moving book on Mexican drug cartels I ve read Quick read too.

    27. After decades of journalistic silence around the narcotic trade routes across the Americas, the past few years has seen some excellent work very profound work, around broken lives in and around the drug trade This was led most visibly by David Simon, through the very excellent The Wire which was in turn inspired by his two excellent non fiction books Homicide A Year on the Killing Streets and The Corner A Year in the Life of an Inner City Neighborhood It is relevant to bring in David Simon here, [...]

    28. I ve wanted for some time to read a good explanation of the bloody drug wars that have overtaken much of northern Mexico This book is superb smart, thoughtful, and multifaceted Ioan Grillo has covered the conflict for a decade as a journalist living in Mexico City and traveling around North, Central, and South America The first part of the book traces the origins of the Mexican drug cartels and the historical evolution of their conflicts with each other, the Mexican government, and organized cri [...]

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