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204 Rosewood Lane #2020

Rosewood Lane Grace Sherman Rosewood LaneCedar Cove WashingtonDear Listener If you ve been to Cedar Cove before we ve probably met You can usually find me either at home or at the public library where I work I

  • Title: 204 Rosewood Lane
  • Author: Debbie Macomber
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 204 Rosewood Lane By Debbie Macomber, Grace Sherman204 Rosewood LaneCedar Cove, WashingtonDear Listener,If you ve been to Cedar Cove before we ve probably met You can usually find me either at home or at the public library, where I work I ve lived in this town all my life and raised two daughters here But my husband and I well, about six months ago, he disappeared Just disappeared Where s Dan Why did hGrace Sherman204 Rosewood LaneCedar Cove, WashingtonDear Listener,If you ve been to Cedar Cove before we ve probably met You can usually find me either at home or at the public library, where I work I ve lived in this town all my life and raised two daughters here But my husband and I well, about six months ago, he disappeared Just disappeared Where s Dan Why did he go Who s he with Will I ever find out My hometown, my family and friends, bring me comfort during this difficult time Comfort and a sense of shelter I m continually reminded that life can and does go on For instance, everyone s been discussing weddings and babies lately Justine the only daughter of my best friend, Olivia Lockhart impulsively got married a little while ago My own daughter Kelly recently had a baby Unfortunately, she refuses to accept that Dan might not return to see his first grandchild My older daughter, Maryellen, is realistic I think she s seeing a new man, but for some reason she won t tell me who it is.Then there s Jack, who s been pursuing a romance with Olivia, and his son, Eric, and Eric s girlfriend, Shelly I think she s pregnant , and Zach and Rosemary Cox, whose marriage is reputedly on the skids and Well, just come on over and we ll talk Grace

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      240 Debbie Macomber
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    1. Another delightfully sweet and saccharine serving from Cedar Cove The positives to this series is that they are very wholesome and non challenging reading Not all reading needs to be of the literary type It takes all types to make the world go round.There were a couple of characters I wasn t loving in this one, Zach and Rosemary, who were divorcing and this scenario wasn t realistic to me, at all These stories are a little humorous to me in the simplistic way they weave from one family to anothe [...]

    2. I love Macomber s Blossom Street books and I ve enjoyed many of her others as well Unfortunately, I can t say that this book was a particularly good read for a number of reasons 1 Inconsistencies In one scene, it is mentioned that it s nearly 9 p.m at night One page later, the two characters are watching the sun setting over the water At 9 p.m at night That would not happen in the Pacific Northwest I m from there, the sun sets much sooner than that A lot of time lapses between events and we re n [...]

    3. The above map was taken from Debbie Macomber s web site and can be seen better at this hyperlink Cedar Cove Map PDF Warning Don t study the red legend too carefully, there are spoilers there In fact, maybe I should just tell you a few locations critical to the story is Olivia Lockhart s house is Grace Sherman s house is the home of Zack and Rosie Cox, and is the bed and breakfast home of Peggy and Bob Beldon If you just click on the pic instead of the hyperlink, it should take you to a larger pi [...]

    4. After finishing 16 Lighthouse Road I had put this series on hold for a while because I wasn t sure if I would ever want to revisit it But a few days ago when I was between books I was feeling the need for something that was completely an escapist read, especially since I ve got a Sanderson book going on audio right now I saw these on my Kindle so I decided to give the series another try and I ended up completely engrossed this time Most of my same complaints about Macomber s writing are still th [...]

    5. Well this is the second book from the Cedar Cove series and I must say this is a great series of books I love the way that you aren t just tied up with one heroine hero You have several just in case you aren t thrilled with one of their lives, turn the page and there s a new story line Starting off in the beginning, the book pretty much starts off where 16 Lighthouse Road left off You have most of the same characters as well to follow from the previous novel I loved the stories and interactions [...]

    6. This book reminds me of a reading soap opera I read the first book, 16 Lighthouse Road and enjoyed it, but I wanted to know about Grace and her family which lead me to read this novel I had hoped that things would be cleared up about Dan and why he left, view spoiler but nope I am as unclear as before All I know is that Dan is dead hide spoiler Several story lines were continued begun throughout this novel which keeps me curious, but the stories were not interesting enough that I have to read t [...]

    7. This was an ok book, but there was so much still unresolved In fact, looking at the major plot points, some of them progressed a little, but only one or two had any kind of closure That s ok I guess, so that is what I rated the book 2.5 stars.

    8. A light easy book to read Four stars only due to the fact that it was a little too much on the romance novel side for me Good to read after a long involved read.

    9. Welcome back to Cedar Cove The gang s all here with a couple new additions decisions of the heart aren t easy, and there a few unexpected surprises in store, not all of them happy A couple things leave questions than answers and a couple break your heart for the characters involved.It s hard to not spoil the storylines by talking through them you want everyone to be happy and carefree but life isn t always that way I continued to root for them, groaning at a couple things certain characters did [...]

    10. I read this book because I read the first one in the series and was left hanging wondering about Dan s disappearance I will read the next one in the series too, because this one leaves you hanging as well.I m seeing a trend in these books that will probably make me stop reading after the next if it continues.What really bothers me is Macomber s portrayal of all the female characters It seems like every single female fights with herself over feelings for men and pushes men away, and they all appe [...]

    11. I picked up this book after reading The Shop on Blossom Street, to see if I just really liked the author or just that series It really wasn t my type of book While there were somewhat interesting plots, I had a really hard time keeping track of the characters and their involvement in the stories Most of the stories reminded me of Lifetime movies and soap operas I can handle that type of story if there s something else keeping me involved, but this didn t really have that for me I don t plan on r [...]

    12. 204 ROSEWOOD LANE, the second novel included in the Cedar Cove series, is the second novel that I have read by Debbie Macomber After reading the first novel included in this series, 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD, only a few days ago, I knew that I had to continue the series Debbie Macomber creatively fashioned some rather strange circumstances throughout the lives of some Cedar Cove residents throughout the course of 16 LIGHTHOUSE ROAD, and she purposely chose not to answer and or resolve them by the end T [...]

    13. This book gives you so much from the beginning It got a lot suspense in this edition of her series with two mysteries that falls over Cedar Cove.

    14. Life trundles on in the small town of Cedar Cove in Washington State Olivia s husband Stan, who divorced her 16 years ago, is now having martial problems and wants Olivia back Zach and Rose Cox are having marital problems He s tired of he incessant volunteerism which he feels is making her neglect the family She thinks he s having an affair with his assistant MaryEllen Sherman has a one night stand with a guy who is obviously smitten with her, bit she has trust issues And her mother, Grace, is s [...]

    15. I liked this second book, I was so mad at Dan and was figuring he either ran off or was dead The latter being what I was really starting to assume in the middle of book Then Rosie and Zach I could see both sides of what was going on She was in so many activities to feel as though she was involved and was needed while Zach her husband only saw that she was never home for him So instead of him talking to her he would prod her into an argument which now as left them to a divorce that I don t think [...]

    16. Wonderful Emotional read,its a keeper for me.This book showed up how relationships goes on rocky patch cause of insecurities,anger,bitterness,resentment,lack of faith,lack of acknowlegment,appreciation and communication and finally it breaksEric Shelly and Justine Seth manage to get their HEA,really did not want divorce to happen between Zach Rosie but it happened eager to see how they realise their mistakes and accept their faults in break up of their marriageOlivia i hope she does nt goes back [...]

    17. I didn t like this as much as the first book in the series This has become pure drivel, soap opera, chick lit fodder Apparently nothing goes on in the town that is worthwhile except for all the women trying to hook men and get knocked up Even menopausal women like Olivia who is a judge with a law degree is whining about Jack the editor not calling her and honestly, it is just like a bunch of silly high school girls Nothing of interest happens in the town Olivia s daughter Justine marries a fishe [...]

    18. I ve read the first book in this series and always like to see how things continue on for the characters There were several storylines flowing at the same time and little reference to two main characters from the first book But ultimately, I felt like maybe the author hadn t decided yet which way she wanted things to go and thus basically left every single character hangingwhy not just write a big TO BE VERY MUCH CONTINUED at the end Aargh Yes, I ll be reading the next book but I was very disapp [...]

    19. I m a fan of chick lit, but this is of a romance, which really isn t a favorite genre for me I didn t like this book as much as the first one in the series, but I liked it well enough I got hooked on the show last year when I started watching it with my daughter, and I m definitely invested in the characters at this point I m intrigued enough to want to know what happens next So I ll keep reading the series It s entertaining Good beach material.

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    21. O nc nt toare carte care surprinde n paginile ei via a ntr un mic or el american de pe malul Atlanticului, Cedar Cove Toate pove tile cuprinse n carte sunt adev rate felii de via , cu bune i cu rele, cu realiz ri i e ecuri, cu speran e i incertitudini, i cu mult iubire Fiecare dintre noi se poate reg si la un moment dat ntr una sau n alta din situa iile descrise n carte, cu at t mai mult cu c t personajele au v rste diferite, ntre cei foarte tineri, la nceput de drum, p n la cei maturi, de 40 50 [...]

    22. Picking up several of the loose threads left at the end of 16 Lighthouse Road , 204 Rosewood Lane is the second book in Debbie Macomber s Cedar Cove series The book focuses mostly on Grace Sherman as she copes with the disappearance of her husband Dan and finally learns what happened to him The book also deals with Grace s best friend, Olivia, and her ongoing romance with newspaperman Jack Griffin, plus some surprising news from her ex husband, Stan, and distressing news about her mother, Charlo [...]

    23. This is the 2nd book in the Cedar Cove series If you are just starting the series, it s easy to tell the order of the books Each title is an address, the first number tells you which book it is The first book is 16 Lighthouse Road, this book is 204 Rosewood Lane So you can see they start with the numbers 1 2 The title of the next book will start with a 3, and so on.I loved this book even than the first book I am familiar with almost all the characters couldn t wait to see what was going to happ [...]

    24. This is the second installment of the Cedar Cove series and I felt like I came back home when I started reading this book We get further indepth look at the lives of Grace, her daughter Maryellen and the Cox family We hear about Olivia and her family in this book including a health scare with Charlotte that actually worried me even I didn t want to see anything happen to this spunky older woman I feel a kinship with these townspeople I want to know what is happening in their lives Ms Macomber g [...]

    25. Residents of the close knit community of Cedar Cove, Washington, have always assumed that Grace Sherman, the town librarian, is as demure as she appears but they couldn t be wrong Underneath Grace s demure exterior, is a spine of steel that quickly surfaces when she must face the strange and sudden disappearance of her husband, Dan So, Cedar Cove bands together around one of its own, and Grace s family and friends bring great comfort to her during such a difficult time But Grace is reminded tha [...]

    26. After enjoying the first book in the Cedar Cove series, I expected to like this one too How disappointing.The book picks up where the first leaves off, with the introduction of a couple of new faces Unfortunately the writing is so bad it is embarrassing and frustrating The book has very little by way of a plot, and many of the characters are shallow and empty, with most incredibly one dimensional The women are so simpering and weak, and any problems they have are magically cured by finding a per [...]

    27. In the next installment of the Cedar Cove series, we are introduced to Rosie and Zach Cox Zach is extremely frustrated that Rosie spends time volunteering and barely has time to cook a meal Dinners at their house are usually microwaved or take out Marital stress takes it toll and the couple decides to separate.Meanwhile, Grace Sherman has divorced her husband, who disappeared in 16 Lighthouse Road She s convinced he left her and her daughters for another woman, so she decides it s time for her [...]

    28. The continuation of the soap opera And just like the last one it s to be continued for one of the storylines in the book Some characters from the first book are featured in this book, some disappear off the radar Our cast of characters is slowly changing as are introduced I hated the Cox family in this book and unfortunately, they are to be featured in the next book Going to have to push my way through that one to get to the next This series is definetly not up to the standards I associate with [...]

    29. his book takes off where book 1 left off and while there are many story lines, the book focuses on on Grace Sherman After her husband deserts her after 35 years of marriage, Grace divorces him although she is not sure what happened to him At the same time, she meets an attractive divorcee who is interested in dating her Many story lines from the previous book are expanded such as Judge Lockhart s love life and her daughter Justine s new marriage New characters are introduced, such as Zach and Ro [...]

    30. 204 Rosewood Lane proved to be like other Macomber books I have read.I couldn t put it down While one mystery is resolved, another is presented Macomber does an excellent job of dealing with real life issues.divorce, death, parenting, romance, illness.just to name a few There were less pollyanna story lines in this book than 16 Lighthouse Road The drama in Mary Ellen s life was well woven into the story Again kudos to Judge Lockhart for her innovative thinking.I noticed a few typos in the Kindl [...]

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