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Strange Angels and Betrayals #2020

Strange Angels and Betrayals The first two books in Lili St Crow s New York Times bestselling Strange Angels series are published together in one volume for the first time Sixteen year old Dru Anderson exploded onto the paranorma

  • Title: Strange Angels and Betrayals
  • Author: Lili St. Crow Lilith Saintcrow
  • ISBN: 9781595144928
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Strange Angels and Betrayals By Lili St. Crow Lilith Saintcrow, The first two books in Lili St Crow s New York Times bestselling Strange Angels series are published together in one volume for the first time Sixteen year old Dru Anderson exploded onto the paranormal scene in Strange Angels and fought for her life at a secret Schola for djamphir and wulfen teens in Betrayals Perfectly timed to lead up to the publication of series finalThe first two books in Lili St Crow s New York Times bestselling Strange Angels series are published together in one volume for the first time Sixteen year old Dru Anderson exploded onto the paranormal scene in Strange Angels and fought for her life at a secret Schola for djamphir and wulfen teens in Betrayals Perfectly timed to lead up to the publication of series finale Reckoning, this omnibus edition is a must have for all Dru s fans as well as readers of Vampire Academy, House of Night, and The Darkest Powers.

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    1 thought on “Strange Angels and Betrayals

    1. The dishes from last night were still crouched in the sink Sorry that line ruined any hope of liking this book I hope those dishes don t spring up and attack.

    2. Well technically, I m only finished with the first book I really enjoyed it Way than I was expecting This was sort of different from your normal vampire werewolf stories Dru is a interesting character Graves is kind of annoying at times even though I know he means well I really like Christophe I don t like the way Dru treated him at the end after all he had done for her Sort of disappointed that it seems like Christophe isn t going to be in book 2 as much I just got another book in the mail tha [...]

    3. Hmm, what to say I will say that I plowed through this two books in one combination in less than 24 hours, and it obviously held my attention enough to get me through it quickly SPOLIERS I did roll my eyes a little bit at the whole werewolf vs vampire fight over a pretty girl storyline, like it hasn t been done to death by the Twilight series It was a little different, Graves seems to have an upper hand in the relationship triangle, and he is not strictly a werewolf nor does Christophe send out [...]

    4. I loved the books and they themselves deserved at least a four They need to get a need editor for this series because there were errors all the way through and I could hardly focus on the characters when I was reading and re reading to try and understand what they were trying say It is exceedingly difficult to read a sentence with no spaces and horrible spelling errors.

    5. Strange Angels and Betrayals put together the first two books in Lili St Crow s Strange Angles series.In Strange Angles, Dru Anderson has the touch as her grandmother called it It helps Dru and her father to find the paranormal Other, a world full of the things that go bump in the night These creatures include ghosts, suckers, wulfen, and the rare zombie Then, one day, Dru finds her father died and turned into a zombie Dru finds help with Graves, a loup garou, which is a wulfen with the strength [...]

    6. Tome 1 Strange AngelsVous connaissez Vampire Academy Eh bien dans Strange Angels, on va un peu plus loin dans les histoires de djamphir et cie Et on a des loups garous, tels qu on les entend et d autres je suis curieuse de conna tre les termes employ s en fran ais pour les diff rentes cr atures d ailleurs Et devinez quoi, Nosferats et Werwulfs ne peuvent pas se sentir La mythologie est un peu ce qu on conna t d j , mais avec un petit plus, donc.Rose Dru est une jeune fille qui est forte, on lui [...]

    7. I picked up Lili St Crow s first Strange Angels entry because I d read some of her adult urban fantasy books I enjoyed those for the quick paced, no brainer reads that they are, a pleasant romp through near pulp, and wondered if she could pull the same thing off in the YA market Apparently she can because the older teens and a number of adults, evidently are flocking to her new series So far the series hasn t dipped into the sex scene, but we re definitely in hard R territory when it comes to la [...]

    8. This is probably my least favorite paranormal series so far I m obviously in the minority here The story was painfully slow Dru is not a very interesting character, and she thinks way too much for her own good I think there were way too many conversations inside her head and it kind of just really slowed down the whole story Characters were a little boring, even her love interests weren t very interesting I didn t care at all for Graves or Christophe One of the worst things about this book, espe [...]

    9. I don t even know where to start with this book I liked it It was just slow There was a lot of time spent just inside Drus head just thinking, so after awhile it can get a little boring Also, one thing I didn t really like was I found a lot of the action scenes were kind of confusing, an I would have to read them multiple times before id be able to understand I m not really sure how I feel about Graves To me he seems just okay, nothing special But I really hate how he has a unibrow lol I defiant [...]

    10. These books suck you in from the beginning When Dru s father is killed and the evil comes looking for her she is forced to use her powers to hunt down ghosts, vampires, wulfen, and zombies When she goes into hiding she finds herself stuck with Graves the cute boy from school Together they face many obstacles and team up with Christophe Sexy Vampire The two boys do not trust one another, but both want to protect Dru When Christophe leads them to a school for wulfen and djamphir they are forced to [...]

    11. Dru and her father are always moving and chasing after all the things you d thing that the don t exist But her father dies on a job and Dru trys to find out with the help of her friend what her father had been working on Then the misterious djamphir Chritophe turns up just in time to save her from a bunch of nasty werewolfes It tunrs out he knew her father and he wants to help her getting to safty But once she thinks shes save there are lots of new porblems to be solved.I liked the book pretty m [...]

    12. I had skimmed through this, thinking the story would be about angels, but its not even close to it.I thought there was just too much thoughts that flowed through her head the italicized ones and it made it difficult to read And the plot wasn t even much to begin with The sixth sense that was mentioned in the blurb made it seem like it would be a major part of it, but it wasn t.Some of the descriptions, I felt, went for far too long And the constant repetition of the phrases were irritating.

    13. Loved this book You can really feel what Dru is feeling and connect with her The story itself is just an amazing thriller, always leaving you on the edge of your seat, if you love adventure and action with a love triangle you will love this book its not some cliche vampire werewolf book its so much with zombies, ghosts so much i just loved the book and how its contently moving not in just one place its heart racing thriller keeping you on your toes with every turn of the page.

    14. Loved it Every second I had time I was reading it It kept my attention all the way through I love that despite the two guys in this, I don t think love is really even a subplot in this The story has a strong female lead and you really gotta admire Dru s courage I love how well developed the relationship is with her and those around her There is a lot of the books that is her thoughts, but at the same time it strengthens the book Not another love triangle, and not Twilight I highly recommend it.

    15. I actually loved these books so much that the moment I finished, I jumped online to buy the next 3 in the series There are some annoying things in the writing like the decriptive word overkill and the occasionally childish narrative from Dru but it didn t bother me enough to dislike the book The characters were so interesting and genuinely likeable The beginning hints of a love triangle were nice because they didn t distract from the book I can t wait to keep reading.

    16. The book is good though, I forced myself to finished it I m actually not into paranormal things, like Zombies or whatever My mind is off while i m reading this Don t get me wrong, I like the book but honestly saying it s getting boring when you reached the second part Maybe because I don t like paranormal thingys.Well, I must end up my review here, I m out of words If you like vampire and werewolves you can read this, It s likeable I should say.

    17. The book was good and the main character Dru seemed like any other normal teenager besides the fact that she was a tough girl The book was great I liked how the author seemed to know what to write and how to seem like she s writing in a teen perspective of what she s going through and what she s thinking Definitely a kickass book


    19. This series is starting out pretty interesting I like Dru she s just a little nutty but who wouldn t be when dealing with the Real World I also enjoy Graves he s an interesting Guy who becomes quite the hero since he gets bitten by a werewulfen I m interested to see where this series go and who s behind the death of drus mom.

    20. This series needs to be turned into a movie series, like the Hunger Games It has a lot of potential A lot of people are worried about the director missing an leaving out good parts Lili St Crow can help produce the movies, I mean she is the one who wrote them My requests for characters would be Missy Peregrym as Dru, Drew Roy as Graves, and Alex Pettyfer as Christophe.

    21. It s been quite a while since I rated a book without finishing it I really tried to keep going, but I had to stop because I realized I was trying too hard Nothing major was happening, and I felt like if this were made into a TV series, it would be the kind of series that would waste so many episodes just to get to a decent cliffhanger.

    22. I read two thirds of Strange Angels and I just can t get into this story The characters do not come alive and there is no incentive to keep reading The story has not moved forward at all since the initial setting the scene Very slow I can t finish it.

    23. Ok while I did enjoy the combo books I find the second book a little confusing We are caught in Dru s head a lot and some of her ramblings didn t make sense Also her characters personalities seems to have changed All in all I do really like the story line It s very intriguing.

    24. Fast paced YA adventure romance vampire novel s Of course it is better than the twilight series, but what is not I enjoyed and recommend to anyone looking for a quick light read.A bathtub book If I dropped it in the tub no great loss.

    25. To summerize it simplyAWSOME and AMAZINGI was hoocked, this is one of thos series that it pulles you in and dosnt let you go till the verry last word on the very last page of the very last book.i coudnt put it down, and cant wait to read the rest of the series

    26. I did not enjoy this book as much as I had hoped I had heard and read so many great reviews, but I was very disappointed I probably will not continue in the series To read my full review, please visit callingallreaders.wordpress Thanks

    27. First book was awesome, second got a little too typical teen novel love triangle for my taste, but it was still interesting.

    28. Best series i have ever read Wonderfully written Beautiful story One of the best christmas gifts ive ever gotten

    29. Wow What a roller coaster of a book So many things happen to Dru and you don t know what she should do either.

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