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Alien Proliferation #2020

Alien Proliferation Alien Super Being Exterminator Kitty Katt is expecting her first baby But the alien attacks are getting dangerous and now Kitty and her Alpha Centaurion husband Jeff have to find out who s behind t

  • Title: Alien Proliferation
  • Author: Gini Koch
  • ISBN: 9780756406974
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alien Proliferation By Gini Koch, Alien Super Being Exterminator Kitty Katt is expecting her first baby But the alien attacks are getting dangerous, and now Kitty and her Alpha Centaurion husband, Jeff, have to find out who s behind the conspiracy to kill Kitty s secret agent mom and what caused Kitty s transformation into a superhuman and they ve got to do it all before the baby shower

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      267 Gini Koch
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    1. This fourth instalment in the Kitty Katt series delivers just as much action as the previous books, proving that a newborn can t slow Kitty down Fighting another grand mastermind design full of red herrings and unknown enemies, Kitty and her alien husband Jeff Martini are on hand to save the day.To recap for those who aren t familiar with the series, Kitty inadvertently discovered that there are aliens on Earth very sexy, drop dead gorgeous aliens who came here from their own planet in the Alpha [...]

    2. The Kitty Katt series has reluctantly become one of my favorites Though written in the style of a humorous urban fantasy, this series is sci fi all the way though thankfully, it s dispensed with most of the incomprehensible technical jargon after the first book While I m not really a sci fi girl, it was actually the humor that turned me off initially Kitty was too sarcastic, the A C s were too unbelievable, and the plot elements were insanely over the top Kitty and Martini were too instantly att [...]

    3. Such much ridiculousness going on here, but I can t get enough of it.Kitty is now known as Wolverine with Boobs and still lusts for Martini like a sailor on leave.Total wackiness ensues.

    4. Following the events of Alien in the Family , Katherine Kitty Katt is now officially Mrs Jeff Katt Martini, and enjoying wedded bliss to her Alpha alien honey But hot on the heels of Jeff and Kitty s nuptials was joyful news of a baby on the way With baby and baby shower looming, Kitty is holed up on bed rest and hating every minute of it Carrying an alien baby means Kitty s breasts are turning to torpedoes and baby s kicks are rocket powered Kitty also hates having to take to bed while Jeff an [...]

    5. Powerful Permutation Won this ARC from a contest that the author had5 out of 5 gnomesLoved this book so much There was so much happening this time around and a lot at stake.It s great to feel so many emotions about every single character, it s intriguing how every little character can be important in some way and really make you care about them I don t think I ve ever read a series that makes me actually laugh out loud so much while reading, this can be embarrassing if it happens at work but wel [...]

    6. Dieses Buch beginnt f r Kitty nicht ganz so rasant, wie der Leser es gewohnt ist Das ist nat rlich auch besser so, denn schlie lich ist sie schwanger Trotzdem fand ich es etwas schade, dass sie sich auf Grund des Kindes zur ckhalten musste Es war nat rlich eine logische Sache, aber ich war zu dem Zeitpunkt ein wenig pessimistisch, ob es eine gute Idee war, so fr h in der Reihe bereits ein Kind f r Jeff und Kitty in die Handlung hineinzubringen.Es dauerte aber gar nicht allzu lange und Koch hat s [...]

    7. Previously Published on my blog Welcome to Larissa s Bookish Life Contains MINOR SPOILERS for the previous books in the series.There is doubting it, Gini Koch can write the heck out of a book Funny one liners, incredible action and let s not forget the amazingly compeling and lovable characters The Katherine Kitty Katt series is right up there amongst my favorite series ever, if not at the top and am not surprised at all that Gini has done it again with Alien Proliferation.Alien Proliferation gi [...]

    8. These books are insane I think Gini took everything she liked, mixed it together, went a bit crazy, wrote it down and made a freaking marvelous books I think all authors should just run with it like she does But then I am sure if someone else did it, I would think come one, please , but here, here it works.What to say then, I am a bit lost for words Ok, I will try to put my mind back together Kitty is awesome as always, I really need her as my bff She kicks ass and saves the day Martini, her hub [...]

    9. Baby I have to say this though and my experience with motherhood is coloring my judgement here, but labour and delivery were crazy easy according to this book Also Kitty has about zero adjustment period to figuring out what to do with a new baby BF goes great And this goes for the next book too Somehow J is always ok and Kitty goes back to pre baby weight within hours and has no hormone crash which everyone gets Unrealistic and it made this book and probably the next hard to relate to.

    10. SPOILERS for books 1 3 As Alien Proliferation opens, Katherine Kitty Katt now Martini is nearing the end of her pregnancy, and she s miserable bed rest, inability to decide on even the smallest baby supplies, and discomfort all combine to make Kitty one cranky agent.Then, a phone call comes in Kitty s best friend from college is in trouble Jeff and Christopher rush out to save the day, but of course it s not that easy problems are uncovered than are solved, and then suddenly there s a baby on t [...]

    11. Alien Proliferation picks up the story several months after the ending of Alien in the Family with Kitty heavily pregnant and about to give birth to her first child Being pregnant with an alien human hybrid has really taken it out of our heroine though so she is stuck on bed rest and feeling rather cranky, luckily she has superdad to be and empath Jeff on hand to anticipate her every need The bad guys aren t going to wait until after the happy event to start causing trouble though and things are [...]

    12. GENRE Science Fiction Fantasy RomanceTHEME Alien, Action SuspenseRECEIVED BoughtBLOG seeingnight REVIEW Gini Koch does it again her Katherine Kitty Katt series is filled with so much action, unbelievably fantastic characters, action that will keep you on your toes and romance that always makes a girl need to fan herself This is my favorite science fiction book and boy was I excited that this was a long book, so get ready for Kitty kicking some major butt and making you laugh with her one liners. [...]

    13. It s been almost nine months since her unusual wedding and Kitty Martini is pregnant with her first child very pregnant And everybody is concerned as the Martinis are the poster family for the ACs interspecies wedding and since couples are married with babies on the way, everybody is looking at Kitty And she is bored since she is not allowed to join the action and bed rest s never been her thing But of course their enemies are already hatching a new plan for world domination and destruction and [...]

    14. Any of you who have read reviews of mine previously know two things I hate trying to write a plot synopsis, and I despise spoilers and the people who disseminate them If you re reading this review to get either of those things, all I can tell you is that you need to buy this book, read it, enjoy it, and recommend it to all of your friends OK, you can go now There s nothing here for you.As for the rest of youwellyou need to buy this book, read it, enjoy it, and recommend it to all of your friend [...]

    15. I have to admit that I didn t like Alien proliferation as much as the other three books Don t get me wrong, it is still an excellent read, but while I thought that first three books in the series were flawless, I could pinpoint some minor minuses in this one.The first quarter of the book was kind of slow because of Kitty s pregnancy But what upseted me the most was that Kitty wasn t her sharp self I love this heroine because of her brain, because she gets everything better and faster than any ot [...]

    16. Four books into the Katherine Kitty Katt series and Koch is still going strong.Once Koch delivers a wacky, action packed, delightfully fun adventure that keeps you guessing and laughing from the start.There s quite some emotional moments in this book as well with at least two moments that had us sniffling.Kitty s adventures have always been a bit over the top which to me is one of the charms of this series , but in this book certain events sky rocket totally out of there, to soar back into cred [...]

    17. Kitty is ready to have her baby, not without complications of course I wish she remembered all that stuff but neither did Reader Jamie is quite special and shows it from the start While still in recovery Kitty uncovers some serious issues with Christopher that lead them into yet another conspiracy within a conspiracy which also happens to include one of her childhood friends, Amy All the women seem to be pregnant and therefore out of commission for field work and Kitty is chomping at the bit to [...]

    18. I was pretty disappointed with this installment 2.5 stars I think there are too many characters now, which when added to the too many crazy plots, is just too much all around It starts to read like a first grader is telling you about something that happened to them.We did this He did this Then we all went here Then person x opened the door Then persons y and z walked through it He tripped and fell Then we all laughed Then person x Anyway you get my point It was a like a play by play of events ra [...]

    19. Kitty s getting to be too much for me She has a baby, nearly dies, not a spoiler, it s in the blurb and when everyone is showing concern she just blows them off She hasn t really matured at all over the series, she s still like a squirrel on crack It was amusing at first, but it s getting old, especially since she s a mother now But what has really killed it for me is the fact that she claims to have not one, but two soulmates, neither of which are her husband I get it, different world, author c [...]

    20. This series is a lot of fun to read Quick in pacing, exciting and non stop from start to finish This book was no exception It was some of the content that just really drove me insane this time Like Kitty, I m a new mother and I guess some of the preposterous insanity which is always there just bugged me The ease in which she goes from giving birth to pumping gallons of breast milk to galavanting around Paris sans recently born child Also the constant constant constant reference to the torpedoes [...]

    21. I could not finish this book I got to page 86 and I was so not into this book at all There are all these aside jokes, and girlfriend from any gay that happens to be nearby, and after dying twice during childbirth, she d rather talk about music she likes than push Finally everyone around yells, Push Okay, what in the hell This is like slapdash comedy, not the new version the 100 years ago version I thought maybe it got better at the end but no, it s Kitty standing in front of everyone going off o [...]

    22. For some reason, I just love this series Slightly corny, action packed, Men in Black meets Lara Croft character, not profession Kitty and Jeff alien hottie are now married and here comes the baby As usual, there s no time for laying back and enjoying the new family as bad guys are out to get all of the Alphas and take over of course.Armed with her handy dandy iPod and newly formed powers, Kitty s not going to sit back on maternity leave Oh, no She ends up in the middle of it all, and saving the [...]

    23. 3.5 stars Some parts really dragged on, and I definitely took notice of Kitty s ego this time around It got a bit annoying There were also a few parts in the book that were really slow, when everyone was talking and Kitty basically had to explain everything to all these really smart guys So it was slow and a bit unbelievable Still, though, I found myself liking the action, and Jamie is one interesting baby

    24. And once again Gini Koch did not disappoint the breaak neck action and witty banter are all back just like the yummy A Cs and cutie Poofs As usual so many things happened in a whirlwind you have to hang on not to get lost as not just the A Cs but Kitty, the mysteries and everything happens like at hurricane speed Fantastic new addition to the series, loved it and as always can t wait for D

    25. Getting a little tired of some of the themes jokes so not a 4, but maybe a 3.5 Can t remember if it was this one or the last one wish I could have slowed down and marked or written down the quote on evil.

    26. Fourth in the Katherine Kitty Katt science fiction romance series revolving around a former advertising manager and her alien husband.My TakeIt s like reading the comics in text form without the graphics I have to confess, as much as I loved my comics as a kid, I do prefer this format.Whoa, lots of changes in this one with an emphasis on Chuck s strengths detecting conspiracies And reading this story just makes me so confused It s a Keystone Kops of round and round about It s also an adventurous [...]

    27. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Super duper alien fantasy novel with an over sexed heroine with a crazy sense of humor but the over abundance of dialogue sometimes kills the pacing.Opening Sentence You d think after fighting parasitic jellyfish things from space that turn humans into fugly monsters, fending off some killer alligators while dodging mystery explosives, and warding off an alien invasion, I d be able to handle anything, right The Review The fourth novel in the Kather [...]

    28. Another fast paced, witty, entertaining entry in the series Here, Kitty and her cohorts in the covert human alien super spy agencies are once again trying to save the world from a evil plot Agents are disappearing, friends are being hunted, and Kitty and her alien husband, Jeff, are just trying to take some time off with their new child Of course her child has extraordinary powers, so is it just a coincidence, or are these strange happenings part of a larger conspiracy targeting Kitty and her fa [...]

    29. Cu ntas veces puedes describir una escena de lucha contra monstruos o escubrir un plan maquiav lico y megalomaniaco para dominar la galaxia antes de que te repitas Supongo que la autora se hizo la misma pregunta y por eso cada libro de Kitty es tan diferente al anterior Si, alguno de estos elementos se repiten, claro, pero todos los personajes se ven afectados por los hechos que les van sucediendo y evolucionan tambi n, permitiendo que, no solo este libro no me haya aburrido a pesar de tantos mo [...]

    30. While I really enjoyed this book, I enjoyed the others This one had standing and talking issues versus action to take care of them Spoiler Alert Some issues, like new powers, were never discussed The I ll tell you later never happened I m hoping it will be in the next book I was very much looking forward to the reveal.

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