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The Forging of a Rebel #2020

The Forging of a Rebel Originally published in the late s and never before available in paperback in the United States Arturo Barea s astonishing Spanish trilogy is both the autobiography of a man and the biography of

  • Title: The Forging of a Rebel
  • Author: Arturo Barea Ilsa Barea Nigel Townson
  • ISBN: 9780802776150
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Forging of a Rebel By Arturo Barea Ilsa Barea Nigel Townson, Originally published in the late 1940s, and never before available in paperback in the United States, Arturo Barea s astonishing Spanish trilogy is both the autobiography of a man and the biography of a nation during the first four decades of the twentieth century, one of the most crucial periods in Spain s long history.Arturo Barea was born into a poor family in Madrid inOriginally published in the late 1940s, and never before available in paperback in the United States, Arturo Barea s astonishing Spanish trilogy is both the autobiography of a man and the biography of a nation during the first four decades of the twentieth century, one of the most crucial periods in Spain s long history.Arturo Barea was born into a poor family in Madrid in 1897 and spent his early years moving between the social and economic worlds of his beloved and widowed mother and a well to do aunt Spain had just lost the last of its rich colonial possessions and was burdened by a sick and corrupt monarchy, and Barea s description of Madrid in The Forge its slums and boulevards, beggars and children, and conflicting economic and political currents, is as gripping as it is fascinating As with many of his generation, he developed bourgeois yearnings and became a prosperous businessman yet he also became deeply concerned about the greed, corruption, and injustice he saw around him His experience in the Spanish Army in Morocco during the bloody Riff War of the early 1920s, chronicled in The Track, affected him deeply and brought him back to Spain with a new perspective The Clash jumps ahead a decade to chronicle the events in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War, from 1935 to 1939, when Barea and his wife, Ilsa, left Spain for good His descriptions of people rising up to resist their aggressors are unforgettable, and brings home poignantly and insightfully than any history the underlying conflicts, tensions, and complexities of the Civil War.Individually, each of Barea s books is unforgettable together they form a literary and historical masterpiece.

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    1. Originally three books, The Forge , The Track , and The Clash, Barea s memoirs combined become a sweeping and complete account of the politically legendary Spanish Civil War It is first though, an autobiography a personal account of Spain through the eyes of a child who comes of age as a soldier, an intellectual, a worker, and a man The writer also tells a story that is both beautiful and informative, poetically weaving the sights, sounds and smells of the lands he was raised, amid the customs [...]

    2. The Forging of a Rebel was always imagined by its Spanish author as a single ambitious work However, it was first published in England, where Barea was living in exile, as three separate volumes The Forge 1941 , The Track 1943 and The Clash 1946 Arturo Barea s hope was to present for European and American readers a personal, but pointedly Spanish view of the Spanish Civil War Franco, a fascist on the Mussolini model and a ruthlessly competent military leader, accepted critical aid from Hitler an [...]

    3. I lent this to an elderly couple and they thought it was rather brutal, but it covers Spanish history in the twentieth century a brutal period and it is written by an intelligent man who nevertheless accepts a lot of things about his culture It is beautifully written and very well translated I absolutely loved it.

    4. A valuable book for what it has to say about 20th century Spain and their Civil War, but very long And not quick long, like a typically bloated Stephen King novel, but LONG long Plodding long Very plodding Did I mention it s long and takes a while to read Arturo Barea was a Spaniard born to a low class washerwoman around the turn of the 20th century, yet raised by a well off uncle in a bourgeois Madrid environment, setting him up for a unique role as an outsider to both castes too snobby for his [...]

    5. Hac a mucho tiempo que quer a leer esta obra Creo que es una de las pocas novelas de la guerra civil escritas en su momento o en las primeras d cadas posteriores que a n no hab a le do Otra que quiero hincar el diente es Cr nica del alba de R.J.S nder Adem s, como me perd la adaptaci n televisiva no conozco el argumento y a n tengo la intriga de preguntarme qu va a pasar a continuaci n.De momento s lo he le do la primera parte, La forja , que se centra en la infancia y adolescencia de Arturo Bar [...]

    6. An astounding book A coming of age story from a world that existed less than 100 years ago, but has completely disappeared The true story of a smart and sensitive young man caught up in the historical forces that laid waste to Spain in the 1930 s Rich with historical details, this book also reads like a wondrous tale of one boy s vividly remembered life and times I can t recommend it highly enough.

    7. The first 4 5s of this book are a very traditional coming of age story mixed with the politics of the time, very well written, very compelling and better than many because it explores angles than many, the character is not always a socialist, he s in the army, he s friends with the man but as the story progresses he becomes a revolutionarythe last 1 5 of the book is amazing as it tears apart everything this man believes in, loves and leaves him human than most writers will ever be

    8. i read this slowly at special collections at u, three times a week, but it is easy to get into each time someone claims this is like a proletarian version of war and peace maybe i will try again reading that the first book is recollection of his youth, the second of his time in the army, the third on events of the Spanish civil war in the 1930s all are portrayal of Spanish culture and world as recorded in direct, clear, efficient prose my knowledge of this time is entirely through literature and [...]

    9. This is a brilliant book for anybody who is interested in the Spanish Civil war It s seen from a personal point of view and I personally wish I d read it years ago We meet Barea as a child, his beloved mother is a poor washer woman but he lives with his wealthy relatives and this creates in him a feeling of not belonging anywhere We follow him through his life, army, marriage and political actions until we get to the outbreak of war and the horrors that came with that His work as a censor at the [...]

    10. One of the greatest books I ve ever read, and I only heard of it by coming across Auden s choosing for his 1966 book of the year a history of Vienna by Barea s Austrian wife Ilse, which I only came across because I am such a wonderful guy as to have bought two volumes of Auden s collected prose for my wife for Christmas Barea was a leftwing Madrile o of humble origins but great and multivarious talents, whose talent emerged as a draftee in the Spanish army during its campaign to keep Morocco in [...]

    11. This is the beginning of a life long impulse to pimp this book on everyone I meet.Barea is compared with Tolstoi, a comparison warranted if only because of the lenght of both The Forge and War and Peace, but so because they share the wonderful ability of reflecting a country and its people, and the struggle to find the causes of the historical events that shook them.I remember Tolstoi as outright irritating in his insistence that history was moved by small concatenations of events and not by th [...]

    12. I have many things to say about this wonderful book.I grabbed what turned out to be a first edition book from a popular second hand bookstore in Sydney owned by a Marxist who passed away some years now The title immediately pulled me in, and I grabbed it and purchased it without knowing who the author was or its specific contents.If you are looking at understanding the mechanics of the Spanish Civil War then this book will come in handy only if you supplement it with other literature On its own [...]

    13. Decir que hay que leer La forja de un rebelde para entender la Historia de Espa a en el siglo XX es convertirlo con la mejor de las intenciones en un manual for dummies, algo que la trilog a de Barea est muy muy muy lejos de ser Se trata de un ejercicio excepcional de autobiograf a, pero de autobiograf a social, como explica el autor en uno de los textos que abren Palabras recobradas Lo que all viene a decir es que no le interesaba recuperar cualquier tipo de an cdotas o de hechos m s o menos im [...]

    14. It s a three part book, I d suggest first The Forge , unless you are really into the Spanish Civil War Reading the three in a row you get a great sense of how he changes as a writer The final part of the trilogy The Clash is very interesting, he gives in depth accounts of the progress of the siege of Madrid, the politics behind the Spanish Civil War, and the precursors for WWII, but his focus is on this romance he creates with his second wife Ilsa.

    15. A surprising book A masterpiece of historic novel mixed with auto biography, The Forging Of A Rebel takes us to the lifestyle, customs, politics and wars of Spain from the beginning of the 20th century to 1939 This book is fresh, addictive and beautiful and, after than 1000 pages you wish there would be another few thousands.

    16. Bought in Skoob books in 1987 or 1988 as part of a three volume autobiography Bought mainly due to having read somewhere that The Clash were named by Joe Strummer after the third volume also the Clash I am not sure now if this is true as I have read other creation myths for the band name.Worth a read if you want to understand the origins for this WW2 prequel.

    17. a huge book in ideas, story telling ability, heartbreak of civil war, fascism, and capitalists fairly rare book and i haven t been able to find the other two of this trilogy a must must book for any Spanish civil war readers scholars

    18. While visiting Madrid recently, I finished The Forge, the first volume in this trilogy I loved it I would recommend it to anyone interested in what life was like for the poor in Spain prior to the Civil War Barea writes brilliantly from the point of view of the child he was.

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