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If You Lived In Colonial Times #2020

If You Lived In Colonial Times If you lived in colonial times What kind of clothes would you wear Would you go to school What would happen if you didn t behave This book tells you what it was like to live in the New England colonie

  • Title: If You Lived In Colonial Times
  • Author: Ann McGovern Brinton Turkle June Otani
  • ISBN: 9780590451604
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • If You Lived In Colonial Times By Ann McGovern Brinton Turkle June Otani, If you lived in colonial times What kind of clothes would you wear Would you go to school What would happen if you didn t behave This book tells you what it was like to live in the New England colonies during the years 1565 to 1776.

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      117 Ann McGovern Brinton Turkle June Otani
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    1 thought on “If You Lived In Colonial Times

    1. This was on our free reading shelf during elementary school Being Canadian children, we had little idea of what Colonial Times might be, but figured it must be something like Pioneer Days The illustrations were memorable, anyway.

    2. First sentence When were Colonial times Colonial times were a long time ago Premise plot Interested in reading about what the New England states were like during the years 1620 1730 This early reader is for you It is written almost exclusively in question and answer format Sometimes questions are answered on one page, sometimes questions are answered on two pages Whether the answer is short or long, the answer tends to be interesting and engaging My thoughts This was one of the first nonfiction [...]

    3. Julia thought this books taught her a lot about colonial times She will never forget that children in colonial days drank beer

    4. Found this in a used bookstore for a quarter Good overview of Colonial times, covering 1630 1730 in the New England colonies PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME The book is structured in QA style, with a question and answers covering 1 to 3 pages, along with color illustrations It covers everything form clothes and food, to school and church, and travel and communication.I did learn a few things reading through, and though originally written in 1964, I think this is still a good book for modern k [...]

    5. I thought this book was excellent I read this to my son 8 yrs old 3rd grade , Camden as extra reading because we are studying early American history I found it to be a wonderful addition to our study I learned so much myself This book does a wonderful job covering all aspects of early colonial life in a clear, east to read and understand way My son gave it five stars He loved it so much that when we finished it, he said he wanted to read it again

    6. I grabbed this on a trip to Plimoth Plantation and my son asked for it as a bedtime story Definitely something that will be engaging for him in a few years, but as a history teacher and buff, I love it.

    7. Mom, I bet you didn t know that back in Colonial times, if a wife talked back to her husbande got dunked Bwwahahahahahaha I really, really wish I knew what she was picturing Fun facts and tid bits about colonial life

    8. If You Lived In Colonial Times is such an interesting book that really has a lot of fun information This book talks about pretty much everything that you would do if you lived in Colonial times From eating, dressing, going to school, medicine, church, farming, making clothes, different jobs, etcIt talks about the Revolutionary War as well.I really do love this book Its a little long, but I think it has a ton of information that would be good for people to know about It has cool illustrations and [...]

    9. In this book, students will learn about how people lived, dressed, and acted during the colonial times The book listed several different trades that people during that time had to do to survive People made their own clothes and furniture too Times were difficult because the people were new to the land and the things that were not imported had to be made or grown This book asks numerous questions and it gives the answer to the questions This would be a good book to read to the students, and then [...]

    10. I just finished reading the book If You Lived In Colonial Times by Ann McGovern like if you lived in one of the New England colonies during the years between 1565 and 1776 this book is in a great question and answer format it helps you to understand what specific aspects of these times were and how they lived thought all the hard ships of creating a town home that was safe and had a bounty of resources necessary to live during the colonial times I enjoyed reading this book and learning about h [...]

    11. So it s the first snow fall of the winter season .10 s or so, lost power for 2 days.This book was the perfect thing to read to my boys during our night of no electricity, warming by the fireplace and reading by candle light.I loved the question and answer format and thought the book could have gone on for a bit longer.My son was cracking up over some of the laws kind of a scary funny and wanted to know who the heck created them and why And I think he asked me WHAT several times throughout.Perfec [...]

    12. Back in the third grade, we had a unit in social studies on Colonial America We had this book as our textbook to help learn about how colonial people lived The copy I was given was very old but I read it cover to cover, and re read it Something at that time I never did This book changed my life It introduced me to the subject of history and since then, I have devoted my life to learning about the people s and civilizations of the past It has fascinated me to no end.

    13. This was another book that came to me via school book orders I loved its question and answer format, and read it repeatedly I still remember that in the list of instructions for kids was this gem stuff not your mouth to fill your cheeks, or something along those lines There was a lot of things kids and adults were not supposed to do.And how creepy is that cover picture of modern kids looking into that old school mirror and seeing their colonial times counterparts

    14. This book had a lot of interesting information about the colonial times that America went through In this book you could see beautiful illustrations of what life was like in the 16th through 18th centuries.I though book was amazing and fun to read I also thought this book was great for 4th through 5th graders.

    15. This is a great piece of literature to use around 2nd to 4th grade It goes in to talking about the pilgrims and the first snow It s set up in an awesome question answer format that keeps the students engaged Would be great for an integrated lesson plan around thanksgiving for reading, writing and social studies.

    16. This is a Q A type book A question is posed ad a topic Then it is answered along wit hat vivid illustration It gets children interesting in learning about the colonial ere because it is written from a child s poinf of view during the colonial era.

    17. The flow of this book was amazing I thought it would just be a fact and answer book, but it was much better It told all about what life would be like in colonial times It had humor though and was an interesting quick read I think students will really like this non fiction read out loud.

    18. Great fact filled series about how people lived in different times cultures places Answers questions such as How did people wear their hair travel get news or What happened when people broke the law you were sick went out at night Best for independent readers.

    19. I bought this book for Ethan on our trip to Plymouth, Mass He really enjoyed reading it and was very interested in how kids lived, in those days We even had a great conversation on some of the strange things they could not do on Sunday o

    20. This is a great and informative book about colonial times, though it is very lengthy I took excerpts from it to read to my class during my PTLS It has lots of interesting information about the thirteen colonies and it has great illustrations.

    21. I used to love reading this book in grade school I still can t believe they would beat you over the head with a wooden stick if you fell asleep in church

    22. My kids loved this book and begged me to read the whole book in one sitting We learned what colonial kids ate, read, did and many things.

    23. These books are excellent for kids of all ages and gives a short and direct approach to living during certain time periods.

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    25. A kid friendly text with great illustrations It tells about life in the New England colonies in 1565 1776 A good resource for students to know how kids lived.

    26. Fun and informative It shows you how the Colonists dressed, what they did around the house, the games they played, what the schools where like, which kids went to which schools, and much .

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