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Eva Braun: Life with Hitler #2020

Eva Braun Life with Hitler In this groundbreaking biography of Eva Braun German historian Heike B G rtemaker delves into the startlingly neglected historical truth about Adolf Hitler s mistress More than just the vapid blonde

  • Title: Eva Braun: Life with Hitler
  • Author: Heike B. Görtemaker Damion Searls
  • ISBN: 9780307595829
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eva Braun: Life with Hitler By Heike B. Görtemaker Damion Searls, In this groundbreaking biography of Eva Braun, German historian Heike B G rtemaker delves into the startlingly neglected historical truth about Adolf Hitler s mistress More than just the vapid blonde of popular clich , Eva Braun was a capricious but uncompromising, fiercely loyal companion to Hitler theirs was a relationship that flew in the face of the F hrer s proclamIn this groundbreaking biography of Eva Braun, German historian Heike B G rtemaker delves into the startlingly neglected historical truth about Adolf Hitler s mistress More than just the vapid blonde of popular clich , Eva Braun was a capricious but uncompromising, fiercely loyal companion to Hitler theirs was a relationship that flew in the face of the F hrer s proclamations that Germany was his only bride G rtemaker paints a portrait of Hitler and Braun s life together with unnerving quotidian detail Braun chose the movies screened at their mountaintop retreat propaganda, of course he dreamed of retiring with her to Linz one day after relinquishing his leadership to a younger man while weaving their personal relationship throughout the fabric of one of history s most devastating regimes Though Braun gradually gained an unrivaled power within Hitler s inner circle, her identity was kept a secret during the Third Reich, until the final days of the war Faithful to the end, Braun committed suicide with Hitler in 1945, two days after their marriage Through exhaustive research, newly discovered documentation, and anecdotal accounts, G rtemaker has meticulously built a surprising portrait of Hitler s bourgeois existence outside of the public eye Though Eva Braun had no role in Hitler s policies, she was never as banal as she was previously painted she was privy to his thoughts, ruled life within his entourage, and held his trust As horrifying as it is astonishing, Eva Braun will undoubtedly be referenced in all future accounts of this period.

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    1 thought on “Eva Braun: Life with Hitler

    1. The title of this book is incredibly misleading What it should be called instead is, People who Hung out with Hitler at his Mountain House and May or May Not Have Liked Eva Braun or Known Anything About Her and Hitler Most of the book is about the circle of people that were constantly around Hitler when he was staying at the Berghof Most of them wrote memoirs after the war and all of them were interegated by allied troops and that is what most of the imformation is based on The problem with tha [...]

    2. Eva Braun was afeministclassy ladyhumanitarianCrazy bat shit woman who fell for an older man monster who murdered over 5 million people That s about all I can say.

    3. German historian Heike B G rtemaker faced a difficult task writing Eva Braun Life with Hitler There is little available by which to evaluate Braun Any correspondence she had with Hitler has been destroyed or disappeared The only extant diary consists of 10 entries in the first half of 1935 There are few contemporary descriptions of her As a result, G rtemaker tries to piece together a picture of Braun through others Although G rtemaker relies on and cites a wealth of sources, some of her primary [...]

    4. Most historians view Eva Braun as an apolitical appendage of Adolf Hitler s paltry private life And yet, after having shared much of his time with her at the Berghof, his mountain retreat, he chose to marry her on the last day of his life, and she chose to die with him in his Berlin bunker.Biographers have tried to infer from her proximity to Hitler a fuller picture of her personality Why did she appeal to this dictator, regarded by the Nazi faithful as their savior, a man who publicly declared [...]

    5. This book doesn t give you anything really new about Eva, but it does give a little bit of a rounded background and picture of her The author does bring in alot of characters some we know already like Hitler and his inner circle and some you might know so well like her family members and co workers I feel that the author by bringing in others in Eva and Hitler s life, the reader gets a feel for how she reacted, also how some of them reacted and felt about her I found this especially true when r [...]

    6. Who was this woman, actually, and what perspective does she open up onto this criminal of the century Eva Anna Paula Braun was born on the 6th of February 1912, married Adolf Hitler on the night of April 28th 1945, and died on the 30th of April 1945 Eva Braun was the second of three daughters of Fritz Braun, a Munich school teacher and Franziska, a former seamstress, and met Hitler in the autumn of 1929 Hitler was apparently so taken with her that he immediately had her investigated to make sure [...]

    7. Heike B Gortemaker prefaces her book by stating that there is little surviving authenticated evidence about Eva Braun, who she was, or her true relationship with Adolf Hitler Knowing this, why Gortemaker chose to name the book after a character who is mentioned less than a quarter of the total length of text is surprising The book is very well researched and there is no denying the historian is familiar with everyone surrounding her stated subject Sadly, in the area of Braun, the book is lacking [...]

    8. G rtemaker takes on an aspect of the Nazi regime that has rarely been investigated given Hitler s and the majority of the Nazi hierarchy s stance on the proper comportment and role of women in the regime, how was it that Hitler and his entourage maintained his relationship with a single young woman who never bore children, who smoked and drank, and who seems in many respects, the exact opposite of the ideal Aryan woman G rtemaker is treading on territory where she has few peers There have been o [...]

    9. Ein f r ein Sachbuch recht anregend formuliertes Buch ber Eva Braun G rtemaker wirft in jedem Unterkapitel ein paar grundlegende Fragen auf, zeigt dann verschiedene Informationsquellen die alle gewissenhaft angeh ngt sind auf und u ert eine Vermutung, was wohl am ehesten der Wahrheit entspricht Die wenigen Bilder passen nur selten zum eigentlichen Text Im letzten Kapitel Schlussbemerkung fasst G rtemaker auf dreieinhalb Seiten sehr kompakt noch einmal die Wesensz ge Eva Brauns zusammen und schre [...]

    10. For all of you history geeks out there The author attempts to sort through the many questions and myths associated with Hitler s longtime girlfriend, Eva Braun, while also exploring the bigger picture of women s roles within the top brass of the Third Reich How much did these women, the secretaries, spouses, and relatives, who supposedly had no part in making policy, know exactly Were they influential And why was Braun kept hidden from the public eye for nearly seventeen years A fascinating look [...]

    11. Because this book was borrowed from the library and has a long list of holds, I had to read it rather quickly only finishing early this morning The book appears to have been ruthlessly researched, but the author s constant questioning of the same motivations became a little annoying It seems as if she asked the question of whether Eva was a collaborator nearly every chapter and then came up with her own speculative answers while deriding those who d come to their own conclusions in similar ways [...]

    12. The aura of an invincible F hrer had been shattered Until a few months ago I had never really heard of Eva Braun The most I knew from history lessons in school was that she committed suicide along with her husband Adolf Hitler I watched a documentary on television about Eva and decided to delve deeper into the life of a woman who married one of the most notorious men in modern history, the day before their double suicide This book is an exceptional read and I found it particularly interesting as [...]

    13. Who was Eva Braun , What type of woman would want to stand next to Hitler These are some of the questions that keep running through my head when I see her name mentioned Eva Braun is a little known historical figure that was so close to one of the worlds most well known rulers In 2007 Angela Lambert published The Lost Life of Eva Braun which I felt gave amazing insight into the life of Eva Braun which before her no one had attempted in such detail There is little information that can proven abou [...]

    14. To quote The Zombies, she s not there This isn t the authors fault it s due to a combination of secrecy, differences in opinion, and the sudden and destructive downfall of the Third Reich This book feels very thin, and will be only of interest to people interested in every single scrap of information regarding this most unfortunate time in world history Out of the entire text, I d say the most interesting thing I learned was that Hitler s private train was called, of all things, Amerika So much [...]

    15. About Eva Braun, Hitler s mistress and 1 day wife, and her determination to be loyal to him to the end Much of the book cannot be substantiated because they were either third person accounts, hear say and rumors, or they were used to affect the outcome of the judgments of the witnesses during the post war trials The book was about all the people around Hitler, not just Eva Braun, and about their respective influences on him, as well as his influence on them I found it interesting, but confusing [...]

    16. Hitler s relationship with Eva Braun was deliberately kept secret so as to promote the image of himself that Hitler wanted As a result almost all of what we know of her is based on unreliable postwar interviews with people who had reasons to distort what they said This makes writing a biography almost impossible What Heike Bortemaker has done instead is to give us thoroughly researched and judicious portrait of the intimate circle around Hitler, including Eva Braun This is not a book for everyon [...]

    17. This book does not really focus on Eva Braun so much as it does Life with Hitler I recall a remark made by Albert Speer The future historian will be very disappointed with Eva Braun she is no Cleopatra or Marie Antoinette Yet the author tries their best.The author does make very interesting analyses of Hitler s inner circle, tearing apart some myths and presenting alternative views But unfortunately, most of the important witnesses have passed away, and there is difficulty with treading any new [...]

    18. For a book about Eva Braun, there was remarkably little said about Eva Braun I realize that female historical figures are almost always harder to illuminate due to their nearly invisible presence in the public sphere, but the author did a poor job of qualifying her subject matter in that way before luring you into her book and then turning around and droning endlessly on about all the men surrounding Hitler I also did not agree with the author s categorical dismissal of some historical evidence [...]

    19. Eva Braun was a very, very boring person In fact, considering when and where she lived, it s actually impressive that she managed to remain so completely vapid As a result, this book is about other people than Eva Braun herself, and it s not all that interesting I don t blame the author since she clearly did a lot of research and the writing is good But it s just not possible to write even a couple hundred pages about Eva Braun, no matter how good of a researcher and writer the author may be.

    20. Read my full thoughts over at a Read.Write.Repeat.Learning about about Braun only peaked my interest There is so much we do not know, and will never know, about this woman She is a historical enigma whose true motivations, beliefs, and knowledge of Hitler s actions will never be fully known Gortemaker works well with the information available, but there are just so many missing pieces.

    21. I came to this book with a very realistic expectation of it that is, that most of what it presents about Eva Braun is either fragmented or speculative Therefore I wasn t disappointed as others have been, and I found that this book was engrossing and informative, as the author is indeed very knowledgable and establishes a better background for speculations than I had before.

    22. Only the conclusion discusses any sort of history about Eva Braun Sure, it was a secret affair, and she was just as delusional as hitler, but the book rarely discusses her life It mostly centers on other nazi officials and their relationship with hitler Was the book not properly translated It has received a fail

    23. I give this book 2 stars, not for lack of scholarship or attention to detail, but because the author is trying to paint a portrait of a woman without any materials with which to do so Sadly, it seems that what we really know about Ava Braun can scarcely fill out a scholarly paper, let alone an entire book While certainly informative, there are simply too many question marks left by the end Retooled, this could be a fairly general work about Hitler s inner circle, in particular the women with whi [...]

    24. This book, while interesting, felt like a sluggish attempt to catalog all of the personal relationships Hitler might have had during his political career There is a decided lack of evidence for Braun s personality, mindset, feelings, etc Despite this, the book tries to understand her role in Hitler s life It is a decent attempt, but it only has a handful of memorable comments to make Unfortunately for anyone who paid attention to the title, most of those centre around everyone near Hitler excep [...]

    25. So educational while we know little about Eva Braun, her existence as Hitlers long term mistress was unknown to the German public, and what we know is by ex nazis who tried to save their own ass after the war in the denazification process undertaken by the allies, this was an utterly interesting read about women in Hitlers inner circle and a nice overview of the rise and fall of the Third Reich Very educational

    26. Although this was a well written and researched book, it didn t really accomplish what it set out to do The majority of the book is spent on different people s relationships with Hitler To be fair, there doesn t seem to be much left letters, diaries, etc from Eva herself and the remaining accounts of her are unreliable So why try to write a book dedicated to her It would have been better if the book had just been about all the people closest to Hitler, which would have included her.

    27. How do you go about rating a book about Hitler s mistress It s not as if the subject matter is enjoyable Or the characters particularly likable You re left with purely rating based on personal preference of writing style.I agree with the author, in the forward, that it is important to examine this side of Hitler Too often he is viewed as larger than life, an evil man who s brutality will not be repeated But that s not true Some people loved him, he believed in some good causes, he was human That [...]

    28. Heike B G rtemaker attempts to indict Eva Braun for the war crimes she may or may not have committed It is not the reader that is indecisive about Braun s criminality that doubt belongs solely to G rtemaker As an academic exercise, the book proves to be fascinating and a teachable means of exploring a historic figures character when little evidence about them survives G rtemaker spends an excessive amount of time investigating the people around Braun for each moment of the rise of the Third Reic [...]

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