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The Lodger #2020

The Lodger In a series of prostitutes was brutally murdered in the East End of London These gruesome crimes filled the press and shook England with fear and intrigue Marie Belloc Lowndes established her co

  • Title: The Lodger
  • Author: Marie Belloc Lowndes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lodger By Marie Belloc Lowndes, In 1888, a series of prostitutes was brutally murdered in the East End of London These gruesome crimes filled the press and shook England with fear and intrigue Marie Belloc Lowndes established her considerable reputation as a crime writer through her fictional account of these murders.Dealing with not only the psychology of The Avenger her version of Jack the Ripper In 1888, a series of prostitutes was brutally murdered in the East End of London These gruesome crimes filled the press and shook England with fear and intrigue Marie Belloc Lowndes established her considerable reputation as a crime writer through her fictional account of these murders.Dealing with not only the psychology of The Avenger her version of Jack the Ripper but also with that of his landlady, Mrs Bunting, who never gives away his secret, Lowndes creates an atmosphere of suspense, fear, and horror.

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    1. Do you think to escape the consequences of your hideous treachery I trusted you, Mrs Bunting, and you betrayed me But I am protected by a higher power, for I still have much to do Then, his voice sinking to a whisper, he hissed out Your end will be bitter as wormwood and sharp as a two edged sword Your feet shall go down to death, and your steps take hold on hell Mr and Mrs Bunting are on the verge of tightening their belts further than they have ever been tightened before when a knock comes at [...]

    2. There have been many theories about who Jack the Ripper wasThere was The Royal Conspiracy Theory image error The Jack Was A Jill Theory image error The Crazy Doctor With A Big Mustache Theory image error Or the theory that Marie Belloc Lownde s novel is based on The Lodger Theory image error Belloc Lowndes is supposed to have gotten the idea for her story after overhearing a dinner conversation where a guest was telling another that his mother s butler and cook claimed to have once rented rooms [...]

    3. A lost quality in modern psychological suspense the key word is subtlety An intriguing look at the infamous Jack The Ripper case told through the eyes of his landlady Mrs Bunting, an impoverished women with her back to the wall I won t mislead, not much happens, zero gore It s a character study, a morality tale brooding and melodramatic, in fact almost claustrophobic in it s intensity thought it delicious.Marie Lowndes resists spelling out the obvious, instead tension is provided by a feeling of [...]

    4. Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsThe Lodger was written around 1914 by London born Marie Belloc Lowndes, who lived in the city during the killing spree of serial killer Jack the Ripper some 20 years previously Surely Lowndes stored up many impressions of that time, and used them to craft this subtle tale that has since been adapted several times to screen.As a modern reader, I have certainly read suspenseful and gruesome novels, but taken in context with the time period it was written, the effect [...]

    5. The Lodger has long been one of my favorite novels reading it again a second time proved no less suspenseful than it did the first time through Marie Belloc Lowndes based her novel very loosely on the story of Jack the Ripper, and the novel is set in London at a time when a series of horrific murders blamed on a person known only as The Avenger is the big news on the streets At the same time, the story is not really about these murders it is actually the story of a husband and wife who find them [...]

    6. A deliciously creepy thriller reminiscent of an old Vincent Price movie Its the kind of book you read with black and white pictures forming in your mind Very atmospheric and spooky A NUTSHELL A destitute couple who own a small lodging house empty of guests are gradually pawning their belongings to fill their bellies, when out of nowhere there s a knock on the door A gentleman looking for secluded lodging Soon, the hackles of suspicion are raised in the mind of the missus But what to do If their [...]

    7. Set in a late nineteenth century foggy London, this dark psychological thriller slowly builds up clues like an Agatha Christie novel to identify the serial killer who signs his name The Avenger This haunting tale begins when the Bunting s, a strange couple to say the least, take in a much needed lodger Mr Sleuth for rent they so desperately need to survive As the story progresses, the Buntings continue to ignore their suspicions of the lodger despite his mysterious experiments, late night walks [...]

    8. I found this to be a delightful read First, I love memorable characters and Mrs Bunting, the story s main protagonist, is indeed a memorable character She reminded me of or rather I pictured her as Hyacinth Bucket from the British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances Secondly, I enjoy psychological thrillers that manage to remain subtlewhat some refer to as being slow or drawn out Quite the contrary, I look forward to the gradual reveal as we delve into the immoral psyche What makes this book so intere [...]

    9. What a dark and fascinating read Marie Belloc Lowndes wrote this work in 1913, after living through the Jack the Ripper phenomenon, and she captures the horror and morbid fascination of Londoners with chilling effect as she recounts the bloody crimes and the media sensation of The Avenger The novel is less about the killer, though, than about Robert and Ellen Bunting, a solid and hardworking lower middle class couple who both left service to try for an independent life running a boarding house A [...]

    10. A deadly dilemmaMr and Mrs Bunting are becoming desperate Having left domestic service to run their own lodging house, they ve had a run of bad luck and are now down to their last few shillings with no way to earn unless they can find a lodger for their empty rooms So when a gentleman turns up at their door offering to pay a month s rent in advance, they are so relieved they overlook the odd facts that Mr Sleuth has no luggage and asks them not to take up references He seems a kindly, quiet gen [...]

    11. It s not safe to leave a front door open in London In The Lodger, Lowndes creates a very atmospheric, psychological thriller and suspense She manages to accomplish by not telling all, and letting the reader make their own conclusions about several key plot elements Lowndes uses a slowly evolving, subtle mystery with clues along the way With a Jack the Ripper like killer on the loose, confusing and befuddling the authorities and leaving cryptic messages near the victims, an uneasy feeling resides [...]

    12. 3 1 2 Almost a four, but I wanted some detail.The foggy nights, eccentric lodger and multiple murders kept me reading, wondering, suspecting and gnawing my fingernails, and all that without any knowledge of how the murders were done Because this book doesn t tell you any details about the murders We don t even know what the weapon was like, only that it was a funny looking knife I still enjoyed the whole thing, yes, I wish that author had told us what it was like inside the Wax Museum But I can [...]

    13. Description Somewhere in London a madman was at large And then one night there came a knock at the door of a quiet lodging house in the Marylebone Road This novel, based on the Jack the Ripper murders, was made into a film by Alfred Hitchcock.Full film

    14. Who can resist a good Jack the Ripper story Or technically Ripperesque as the case may be here The Lodger is considered something of a classic and I m sure I ve seen a film adaptation at some point, seemed like a book worth a read And so it was, I didn t love it, but it was interesting Sort of like a dated Ruth Rendell story style wise set during a reign of a homicidal Ripperlike though prolific maniac in London with a married couple of former servants taking in a lodger due to their impecuniou [...]

    15. This is a free Kindle ebook, written around 1913.It s not a horror novel, by today s standards, but it is a fascinating observation about morals and class differences in that time period It made me think carefully about what people are willing to do or not do to be comfortable in life It s a bit slow paced but I thought it was worth the time.

    16. A very slow paced, atmospheric tale of human observation, and loyalty This was an old fashioned novel in which the tension built up gradually, yet insistently I found it a very enjoyable read, although was somewhat disappointed at the predictability of the plot.

    17. I ve always liked Alfred Hitchcock s 1927 silent film of The Lodger, so I thought it was time to read the 1913 novel on which it was based The story begins well enough, but about 100 pages in it becomes slow plodding continues this way until the end This is one of those occasions when the film is far better than the book.

    18. I have to thank my friend Leah who recommended this book The novel is mystery and psychological thriller, written by Marie Belloc and the story is turned into Hitchcock directed silent film The Lodger Since I liked Hitchcock movies, I bought this kindle edition The story is Mr.Bunting and his wife Ellen have a lodge and they are in a desperate need of money to survive The arrival of Mr.Sleuth as a lodger first appears to be a blessing for the Buntings but later it turns out to be a curse because [...]

    19. This was a wonderfully dark psychological thriller The gruesome, bloody murders taking place in foggy London were the basis for the story, but the real focal point was the emotional upheaval and moral dilemma experienced by the Buntings as they battled with their consciences over self interest and moral obligations.Although there was little action, and most of the story took place within the boarding house where the Buntings, a hard working, upstanding couple, tried to eke out a living taking in [...]

    20. It was a fun read for the most part, but the ending left something to be desired Spoilers sort of in the review Read my full review here meagankimberly.wordpress

    21. I cannot believe how long it took me to read this Really, it had nothing to do with the book and everything to do with other things occupying my attention I have an unhealthy fascination with true crime I could watch Investigation Discovery 24 7 much to the dismay of my roommate then again, she could watch Grey s Anatomy and Ugly Betty 24 7 with a healthy dose of Say Yes To The Dress thrown in there to torment me, so I d say we re even so it should come as no surprise that I d be equally interes [...]

    22. In un certo senso, mi spiace dover attribuire una sola stelletta a questo romanzo, che non cos deprecabile come il sistema di giudizio per riduttivi simboli potrebbe far sembrare Alcuni spunti brillanti ci sono in questa vicenda in cui Jack the Ripper ci viene sostanzialmente riproposto come il Vendicatore , nonch alloggiato presso una coppia di non pi giovanissimi e rispettabili coniugi, che, dopo molti anni passati al servizio di altrettanto rispettabili datori di lavoro, decidono di tentare l [...]

    23. Simply brilliant novel of increasing dark suspiscions regarding the man who is renting rooms from poverty stricken Mr Mrs Bunting in London in the late 19th century A Jack the Ripper type of serial murderer is active and at large The Buntings seperately begin to believe that their lodger whose rent money is saving them from complete ruin may be the murderer.Lowndes builds these suspiscions without ever once spelling out their fears, leaving the reader also to wonder if he s guilty or innocent Ju [...]

    24. Despite being a bit repetitive, The Lodger is an engaging read Though inspired by Jack the Ripper, it s not really a nail biting suspense story It is of a tale of moral dilemma when one of the main characters suspects that a series of unsolved murders may have been committed by her strange and eccentric lodger At the end of the novel, many questions are left unanswered as the solution appears rather suddenly and somewhat unbelievably However, with likable characters and fluid writing, it is sti [...]

    25. Bien por editoriales como Menoscuarto que abogan por recuperar cl sicos de esta ndole relato victoriano de misterio Lowndes tom como referencia la historia de Jack el destripador y le sirvi como base para un relato en el que, m s que entrar en la vena m s escabrosa de los sucesos, se centra en jugar con la ambigua identidad del mismo A un libro como este se le pide que mantenga el suspense hasta el final y lo cumple con creces.

    26. This one kept my interest but I didn t care for the characters Where was the good guy The search for him her kept me turning the pages.

    27. Questo romanzo un bacio perugina perfetto da gustarsi in una fredda sera d inverno, con una tazza fumante da una parte e un lume dall altra.Uno di quei tanti libri dimenticati trovato non a caso, fra i remaninders in una catena di librerie dell usato e che forse, anche per questo, si gusta ancora di pi.La storia, oscillante tra il giallo classico e il gotico di cui ricalca, alla perfezione, le atmosfere nebbiose di una Londra presumibilmente vittoriana, quella di una coppia, i Mr e Mrs Bounting, [...]

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