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Unlikely Brothers #2020

Unlikely Brothers You don t look like brothers Peace activist and cofounder of the Enough Project John Prendergast is known as a champion of human rights in Africa But the not so public face of J P is the life he s le

  • Title: Unlikely Brothers
  • Author: John Prendergast Michael Mattocks
  • ISBN: 9780307464842
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Unlikely Brothers By John Prendergast Michael Mattocks, You don t look like brothers Peace activist and cofounder of the Enough Project, John Prendergast is known as a champion of human rights in Africa But the not so public face of J.P is the life he s led as a Big Brother to Michael Mattocks As a curious, driven, and emotionally wounded twenty year old, J.P made the life changing decision to form a Big Brother Lit You don t look like brothers Peace activist and cofounder of the Enough Project, John Prendergast is known as a champion of human rights in Africa But the not so public face of J.P is the life he s led as a Big Brother to Michael Mattocks As a curious, driven, and emotionally wounded twenty year old, J.P made the life changing decision to form a Big Brother Little Brother relationship with then seven year old Michael, who was living out of plastic bags and drifting from one homeless shelter to the next with his mother and siblings Lacking a connection with his own brother and distancing himself from a disastrous relationship with his father, J.P formed a unique bond with Michael the moment they met Michael and J.P became like family, with Michael and some of his siblings even living with J.P one summer In the years that followed, J.P took Michael and his brothers on outings, whether it was fishing, playing basketball, patronizing cheap restaurants, or going on road trips This friendship would continue for over twenty five years as the two coped with varying degrees of violence, instability, and trauma in their own lives Told in duet, Unlikely Brothers follows Michael as he grows up on the tough streets of Washington, D.C where as a young teenager he watched his best friend get shot, dropped out of school, and started dealing crack cocaine shortly thereafter By sixteen, Michael had become the kingpin of his neighborhood, guns and drugs always close at hand Meanwhile, J.P was traveling to and from African war zones J.P offered Michael a refuge from the streets, never really confronting the gravity of what Michael was going through in his adolescence In turn, Michael afforded J.P an escape from his own turbulent personal and professional life.As the years go by, the two swoop in and out of each other s lives, slowly disconnecting as they disappear into their respective worlds, but making their way back to each other at a critical moment for both of them The effect the two have on each other is extremely significant to both of their paths to redemption.Inspirational and deeply moving, Unlikely Brothers beautifully showcases how life s most random moments can often be the most profound.

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    1 thought on “Unlikely Brothers

    1. I m no millionaire This is a different kind of rags to riches story, because there is nothing richer than taking care of my family It s a rags to respect story, I guess Michael MattocksI m left frustrated with this book Unlikely Brothers alternates the story and viewpoint between Michael and John Michael s story is a solid four stars he really illustrates some of J.P s statistics he shares late in the book 1 2 of black males in their 20s are in the justice system, less than 1 2 of black males gr [...]

    2. As I am in the process of creating my own youth mentoring organization, I was thrilled when I won this book through a giveaway and eagerly awaited its delivery While I really don t know how to explain the emotions this book evoked in a review, I am glad that I had the opportunity to read it and I thank and Crown Publishing for sending me a free copy I guess I wish that the book started at the end, so that I could have a better opinion of Mr Pendergast, whom I found myself frustrated with for his [...]

    3. John Pendergast is a young college kid, before he becomes internationally known for his human right work in Africa, when he becomes a Big Brother to seven year old Michael who was living with his mother and siblings in a shelter in Washington, D.C The two men take turns telling their stories as their lives weave through each other s, over a couple of decades Their close friendship begins to fray as J.P travels frequently to Africa and loses touch with Michael who has turned to selling drugs and [...]

    4. I received this as a giveaway Reading the contrasting viewpoints of the Big Brother JP and Little Brother Michael Mattocks was very enlightening I particularly enjoyed Mr Mattocks sections of the book I appreciated his honesty about his life and also his insight into what he needed from his big brother, as opposed to what he got This story clearly illustrates the importance of mentoring, even when the mentor isn t perfect JP appears to be aware of his own limitations, giving what he can of his t [...]

    5. I won this book through a giveaway here on Overall, I thought it was a pretty decent book, however, I felt that Prendergast s sections were self aggrandizing and full of name dropping with celebrities he knows and politicians he s worked with He seems to be a bleeding heart, but doesn t really effectively discuss WHY he was so connected with Michael and James He even describes pawning off two of his little brothers onto his biological brother because he was distracted by other interests I was re [...]

    6. Thank you, Crown Publishing, for sending this book to me as a First Reads I easily read this book in just a few days but it was not necessarily an easy to read book The lives these gentlemen lived were anything but easy I have to admire them both for what they went through and what they learned from their different environments but same difficulties one in bullet filled streets in the hood as a young boy and the other in gun filled, poverty stricken countries as a volunteer.The lives of John Pre [...]

    7. A very readable and compelling book I would give it five stars, but there are a few things that hold it back from that The suspense between chapters, especially those of Michael, are compelling The switch to the John chapters, especially the political ones, are like slamming on the brakes and having my mind switch gears and start to work going uphill I also had to refrain from wanting to get on a rant of what is wrong with the Prendergast family and John s psychological makeup But, that is not [...]

    8. I m going to buy this book after reading a library edition It is one of the best stories about being there for someone, especially father figures There is also commentary about how Americans support peace in parts of Africa because one of their favorite celebrities does, but few celebrities take time to call attention to the generational poverty and racism in our own cities Why is it easier to help those far away than those in our own cities, or to reconcile strained relations in our own familie [...]

    9. This was an interesting book, but not one I d probably recommend due to the language It s a true story about the author and Michael Mattocks and their families It s a very interesting story about how John J.P becomes Michael s big brother and goes from there through the trouble and times they go through My biggest complaint with the book is the vulgar language that is interspersed throughout the book I realize much of this is the area and the culture, but I don t like books that are written with [...]

    10. This book made me fall in love with John Prendergast His brutal honesty about the injustice and tragedies that he witnessed, his own shortcomings and selfish desires was powerful Juxtaposed against Michael Mattock s story, I was hesitant that the story was going to be preachy invitation to be a Big Brother Instead, it was honest and funny It read as a coming of age story in which the lives of two very different men intersected.

    11. This is my first book I m reading that I saw a write up for on Good Reads It sounded like an interesting story, and it is If any reader is sensitive to vulgar language, one of the 2 main individuals in this book uses it often, an interesting way of writing, as you always know who is presenting their side of the story by the language they use I ve now finished the book and feel I ve learned a lot.

    12. I really enjoyed this book It was told from two points of view from real people whose lives intersected at one point and then grew into something special I wish there would have been information from Michael s point of view I watched the author John on the Tavis Smiley show doing an interview and hearing him talk about this book made me want to read it I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that likes to hear stories from real people about real life.

    13. Unlikely Brothers is told very candidly from the perspectives of two gentlemen whose younger lives couldn t have been different from one another The dual autobiography is told with a lot of compassion and very little self pity As they forged their relationship with each other they were able to come to terms with their relationships with others What could easily have been a temporary friendship for a season turned into a lifelong brotherly love This was very inspiring to read.

    14. I ve always thought highly of Big Brothers Big Sisters, and this book cemented the value I place on the concept of mentoring and developing personal relationships This true story is co written by the two men whose paths connect via BB BS Indeed each man s life takes a winding path, and the narrative provides a harrowing account of the coming of age of a young black man who does not have a father figure.

    15. This book was very easy to read I really liked how the characters actually talked like people The book wasn t very formal, but I felt like it made it easier for a teenager to read The story went back and forth between Prendergast and Mattock s point of view, and how they felt for each situation I overall liked this book, and would recommend it to a friend.

    16. I received this through a first reads giveaway.Unlikely Brothers is not a cherry coated memoir It is honest, raw, and heart breaking At times it read like a lifetime movie something you can t help when it really happens to you but so much better A must read.Sorry about the short review but I didn t have much to say other than that everyone should read this.

    17. Just challenge yourself Try to live a better life when you have all the disadvantages Try to help someone who is disadvantaged This book will take you there and then some They ve lived some heavy stuff and lived to tell about it This book is amazing and both deserve a LOT of recognition for it Worthwhile reading here

    18. A well crafted interwoven tale of two men brought together by ones desire to do good and how over the years they impact each other even when there is a chasm between them The book could have ended up being quite preachy, but for the most part they were able to side step this action and instead delivered a book meant to provoke the reader.

    19. This book was great, a good gift from Grandma I relate to JP a lot He was drawn to work in Africa and moves around a bunch, mentored a kid who lived in the worst part of Southeast Washington DC, and has a strained relationship with his father It makes me want to get into mentoring again when I get settled.

    20. This is a really good memoir The voices are very authentic and honest If you re offended by the f word, you won t be able to get through Michael Mattocks parts of the book, but it s so real to who he is and how he grew up Fascinating insight into the inner life of Washington D.Creets, drug dealing, US policy in Africa and .

    21. I received this book for free through the First Reads program It is a beautifully written and compelling true story about a relationship between men of very different backgrounds I highly recommend it

    22. 66% of the book becomes dry, as Prendergast describes the distance between him and his little brother Nevertheless, the other 1 3 of the book is worth reading, as the initial unification and re unification between the two will capture the reader s heart.

    23. Life is not always easy, but thru Big Brothers, you can some relationships that are not always easy, but strength abounds by their relationship When hurdles abound in our lives, it s nice to be able to read books like this to know that the journey is than worth it.

    24. Prendergast is a real mover and shaker having worked in DC to intiate social change in Africa during Clinton s stint I love his personal reflections on being present in people s lives and his awareness of his failures and successes in making a difference in Michael Mattocks life.

    25. Wow, this book takes you to a WHOLE different world within our country It s interesting to say the least It s a story of a guy taking a boy well like a family of boys under his wing, and see how their lives play out.

    26. This was so honest and insightful I love the faults, pride and side by side story telling Kudos to working on this relationship highs and lows without judgement are what makes a family.

    27. I didn t get far into this book because of the language Should have known, considering the subject, but tried anyway.

    28. Michael Mattocks and John Prendergast tell the story of their two imperfect but earnest lives and the friendship that shaped them Both men are bold and honest in the telling.

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