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Compact with the Devil #2020

Compact with the Devil What do you get when you cross Avon Ladies with Charlie s Angels A world class intelligence organization run by women who really know their foundation When Nikki Lanier signs up as a cosmetics rep at

  • Title: Compact with the Devil
  • Author: Bethany Maines
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Compact with the Devil By Bethany Maines, What do you get when you cross Avon Ladies with Charlie s Angels A world class intelligence organization run by women who really know their foundation When Nikki Lanier signs up as a cosmetics rep at Carrie Mae, it s hardly her idea of a dream job With a degree in linguistics and a hard core workout regimen, the twenty six year old redhead once had hopes for a real careWhat do you get when you cross Avon Ladies with Charlie s Angels A world class intelligence organization run by women who really know their foundation When Nikki Lanier signs up as a cosmetics rep at Carrie Mae, it s hardly her idea of a dream job With a degree in linguistics and a hard core workout regimen, the twenty six year old redhead once had hopes for a real career But unemployed and desperate to escape life at home with her nagging mother, she ll try anything even selling makeup to housewives Soon, Nikki learns that the powder and lipstick are simply cover up for the Carrie Mae Foundation, a secret organization of international espionage and high tech mascara founded for the purpose of helping women everywhere Whisked off to Thailand with the legendary Carrie Mae agent Val Robinson, Nikki is soon in over her head Between investigating the abduction of a human rights activist, tracking down a murderous arms dealer, keeping up with her wildly dangerous new partner, and occasionally trying to date a hunk who may or may not be CIA, Nikki has to use all the courage and cosmetic technology she s got to bring down the bad guys and get out alive With the support of the colorful Carrie Mae crew, Nikki will overcome even the most harrowing obstacles including incessant phone calls from her mother or die trying.

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    1 thought on “Compact with the Devil

    1. I m really glad that I got a chance to read this through FirstReads it was fun That being said and I am glad I read it it really was fun , it also has a few problemsSomeone should beware of hype Ms Maines has apparently been compared to Janet Evanovich, and while Ms Maines is certainly as good a writer as Evanovich, this is definitely not a Stephanie Plum novel Comparisons to on going, successful series are not going to serve Ms Maines well yet.A bigger problem was that I spent the first third o [...]

    2. Compact with the Devil is book two in a new series about Nikki, a girl who thought she was trying a new career to get her mom off her back But Carrie Mae is so much than selling makeup it s a super secret agency of female international spies In book one, Bulletproof Mascara, Nikki was just getting her heels wet in the business Now in Compact with the Devil she is seasoned and ready for anything, um, or almost anything Hopping from country to country in Europe to protect Kit Masters, internation [...]

    3. If you like to read about espionage, the 2nd installment of the Nikkie Lanier Series should be on your list Nikkie works for an espionage agency that combines Agent 007 with Charlie s Angels into one, under the cover of a cosmetics company After a failed mission, the company sends the team to cover separate jobs and Nikkie ends up in a tail spin adventure thru Europe She is to capture an escaped assassin that has history with one of the other agents, which happens to be her superior that is in a [...]

    4. I LOVED the first book in this series, Bulletproof Mascara See Review here wwwbookbabe 2010 So I was thrilled when I was offered an ARC of the sequel And even though, it s not as good as the first one, I do plan on reading the thirdIn the first one, there was about training and Nikki Lanier took on her first case with Carrie Mae s secret women agents There was a rogue agent and her friends, Jenny and Ellen were always in tow And Val is a character that I greatly miss Nevermind that she was one [...]

    5. Definitely worth reading This novel jumps straight into the action, which is fitting with a main character like Nikki.I am really glad that she and Z ev are together in this novel, although I must say she and Kit also make an interesting pair Not to mention it seems as though Nikki almost becomes Kit s muse, like she is his cure for writer s block Even if they are not going to become an item they really should stay in touch, they are good for each other.Kit helps her to loosen up and not worry a [...]

    6. Nikki Lanier makes a contract with the devil in COMPACT WITH THE DEVIL when the rescue of the wife of a Colombian drug dealer goes bad, and she ends up the glorified babysitter to a rock star targeted by a Basque terrorist If it sounds awfully serious, it isn t because this second spy spoof by Bethany Maines BULLETPROOF MASCARA gives us plenty to chuckle about, poking fun at everything from pop stars with LSD lead singer s disease okay, I m stealing that from Steven Tyler to the James Bondian wo [...]

    7. It s been quite a while since I read bullet proof mascara which was the first book in the series I have to admit forgetting some of the details so getting into this second installment of the series was difficult than I would have liked Once I got into it and remembered all of what had happened in the first novel, it was much easier to read I don t think I really got into the swing of things until about a third of the way through the book But I m very glad that I picked series back up I really e [...]

    8. I received a First Look copy of this book.This is Chick lit, not paranormal or urban fantasy.This is an enjoyable read that moved along at a healthy pace and kept my interest.Those Carrie Mae ladies have sheballs The makeup giant catering to women have their own specially trained unit to help women in trouble The ladies are trained in weapons, hand to hand, extraction and surveillance There are many LOL moments e looked like a biter There are several gadgets ala Q developed just for the ladies, [...]

    9. This series is original and fun to read Who knew cosmetics could be so exciting Carrie Mae seller, uh operative, Nikki Lanier has botched and operation and still reeling from that and her messy love life, or lack of, since her break up with CIA agent Z ev Coralles she gets an assignment to protect fellow operative Camille Masters son Kit Kit is a bad boy pop star on tour and he has threats against his life Who knew it could get even messier when she gets fired from the mission, she has to duck p [...]

    10. As often happens, the second book of a series or planned series somehow doesn t quite measure up I found that to be true in this instance as well.However, it was still a fun, engrossing read I nearly put it down somewhere about the middle, but persevered and ended up liking it better than I expected, based on what was in the middle And I do love a happy ending.It s nice to read something pretty clean without being trite or totally shallow.I m looking forward to the next installment.

    11. This book continues Nikki Lanier s adventures as a Carrie Mae agent This time she spends time in Columbia, Germany and France.She breaks up with Z ev in the beginning of the book but is it really over.She plays body guard to pop star Kit Masters Kit s mom Camille is also a Carrie Mae agent There are some interesting twists and turns, some predictable events and some laugh out loud dialogue and descriptions.Jane, Jenny and Ellen help Nikki overcome the bad guys.

    12. I received this in a care package from the ever delightful Deenbat and started it with anticipation I enjoyed it although I may have enjoyed it had I read the first book.The premise of a women s protective service certainly allows scope for interesting shenanigans and, with branches in many countries, there are numerous characters who will be fleshed out in coming books, no doubt.I look forward to adventures for Nicki and co.

    13. I have not read the first book of this series but have no trouble catching up Very simple to read, characters are a bit one dimensional but mabye Maines introduced them in the first book.Update I m pretty sure half the book could have been cut out and was not necessary to the plot All her spy friends coming to help her was pointless as was the whole Camille sub plot Not a horrible book in all but I wouldn t read a third one.

    14. I just finished this book and found it a delightfully complex look at human nature I liked Nikki Lanier a lot in Bulletproof Mascara, but in Compact With The Devil, she s come into her own Struggling with a relationship teetering on the edge and a career about to explode into nothingness, she s got a lot to handle She does it with, well, maybe not as much charm and professionalism as a Carrie Mae representative should show Instead, Nikki does it her way and I loved her for it.

    15. I m hooked Nikki is the kind of character that makes me want to jump right into the book and BE the character Doesn t hurt that I ve loved spy stories since I was a kid watching 007 with my dad.I was a little sad that we skipped over a year between books, but I get it.There s something in this book for everyone Read it You ll laugh

    16. I have read the first part of this series, and although the first book is better, this was still good This was a fun, entertaining read A must read Definitely not, but I still thoroughly every page It was an easy read for when you want something light and quick to get through and I really liked the characters in the story I will read the 3rd installment when it comes out

    17. This series has a great premise, make up ladies Carrie Mae, to be specific who actually work as spies Most of the action in this book takes place in Europe during a tour of an up and coming rock star This is an amusing tale, not very complex but a great escape.

    18. This is the first book I ve read by this author I really enjoyed her writing It was a good mix of humor and mystery The international aspect brought a fun dimension to it also as several different languages were brought into the writing I look forward to reading from Bethany Maines.

    19. Loved this book I wasn t surprised that I liked it so much since I really enjoyed the first one as well I have to confess though I was a tad disappointed about the ending only because I was growing attached to another male character in the novel

    20. pretty good follow up to bulletproof mascara, though the plot kind of tread water in the middle a bit still entertaining quick read.

    21. Entertaining read Simple story but equally funny and done with a certain classic spy writing flare What would happen if you were a female James Bond.

    22. This was another good Carrie Mae adventure Good plot twist, but you can see it coming I like the humor and adventure though Definitely worth continuing with the series.

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