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Running with Joy #2020

Running with Joy From the fastest American born marathoner of all time here is an intimate day by day account of what it takes physically mentally emotionally and spiritually to be one of the best in the world Th

  • Title: Running with Joy
  • Author: Ryan Hall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Running with Joy By Ryan Hall, From the fastest American born marathoner of all time, here is an intimate, day by day account of what it takes physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be one of the best in the world This journal chronicles Ryan Hall s 14 week preparation for the 2010 Boston Marathon, providing practical insights into the daily regimen of someone training at the absolute peFrom the fastest American born marathoner of all time, here is an intimate, day by day account of what it takes physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be one of the best in the world This journal chronicles Ryan Hall s 14 week preparation for the 2010 Boston Marathon, providing practical insights into the daily regimen of someone training at the absolute peak of human performance It also reveals the spiritual journey of an elite athlete who is a follower of Jesus Christ.Readers will discover how Ryan deals with nagging injuries and illness, bad weather, disappointing workouts, and a slavish focus on results that can take the fun out of running Ryan runs 140 miles a week, often at altitude and a blistering pace Yet millions of everyday runners will identify with and appreciate his intentional return to running with joy and his lifelong goal of glorifying Christ on and off the racecourse.

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      364 Ryan Hall
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    1 thought on “Running with Joy

    1. Ryan Hall has written an interesting journal While it is not the most fast paced or literary read, it is worth reading to gain insight into the mindset of a competitive Christian runner Hall s struggle to maintain his focus on the joy of running despite unsatisfactory training days and disappointing races was particularly interesting Being a running geek I also enjoyed the informative sidebars and the mention of training aids such as massage, ice baths, altitude and hi low training, compression, [...]

    2. Bought a signed copy of this book at the Boston marathon expo and I read it right away It has great tips from an elite runner and it was fascinating reading about his daily routine in preparing for a marathon.

    3. Well done I was surprised that reading this training account from a world class runner still made me feel like I was one of them.

    4. I love this book If you ve ever committed to training for a race 5k or marathon doesn t matter , this book speaks to some of the struggles that can come along with that Dealing with illness, good days, bad days, destination disease , ect The results of Ryan Hall s Boston effort that the book builds up to has been done And over with for a while now, but the book is relevant and the buildup is just as exciting as if the race was yesterday I would say it s an encouraging read if your training for a [...]

    5. Not sure where this ranks among my favorite running books although it s hardly fair to call this a book as it s of a training log and it s pretty short 161 pages Ryan Hall is viewed by many as a polarizing figure in the running world because of how he speaks of his faith in the media If you re offended annoyed by the idea of someone being open and honest about their faith and the following words legs felt pretty good then you might not like this Don t mistake that for Ryan being preachy because [...]

    6. Several months ago I added this to the wishlist of my account and ended up with it as a surprise Christmas present.When I started reading I wasn t quite sure what to expect I knew that it wasn t an advice book I probably wouldn t have liked it as much I ve read a couple other running advice books written by elite marathoners and been a bit disappointed Most of those are aimed at beginning runners and probably written with much help of a ghost writer or other expert.This book however is the print [...]

    7. Ryan Hall s training journals are a little sporadic at times, but I guess that would be characteristic of the fastest American Marathoner It is inspiring to read about the highs and lows that he experiences in training and how he copes with the differnt obstacles he encounters on a day to day basis Even though Hall is a devout Christian he spends most of his time in the book trying to have a thankful heart Faith and running do not mix in some people s view because it is deemed such a selfish end [...]

    8. Running With Joy is Ryan Hall s daily running log between January 9, 2010 and April 20, 2010 with his personal thoughts about his training for Boston Marathon Since he is one of the fastest American marathon runners today, I wanted to learn from his training and hoped to get inspired While there are some good advises thoughts and I learned about Ryan as a person better, I did not finish the book inspired Read .

    9. I really enjoyed reading this book, seeing fully how Ryan truly lives out his faith as he trains and runs Through this journal, you can see that even professional runners don t always have fantastic training days they struggle mentally and physically with completing training runs, they get sick and inured too And yet, they also persevere.Very glad I got it from my secret santa in a running group

    10. I saw this book on the library shelves and picked it up It was disappointing I thought it had such a great title And then I found it was written by a Christian marathon winner He talks about enjoying the gifts God has given us If that is running, we should run with joy But it is a training schedule book that calls for two runs per day I just don t think that much running is possible for most people I didn t finish the book.

    11. The good Hall very much wants his faith to play a central role in his running career He provides an interesting description of what that means and looks like in daily life He also provides really helpful training tips.The bad The journal is somewhat repetitive I found myself being able to finish his sentences.Overall, as a runner, I really enjoyed reading such a personal account of a brutal training regiment before a major marathon.

    12. Enjoyed reading this book, mostly because I am a runner and I believe in running with joy with Christ Nice mixture of a runner s diary daily logs, with faith sharing intertwined While I may never achieve Ryan Hall s success in running times, I am glad that I can share his faith and am grateful to know that I am not alone in my running journey with God

    13. Awesome inspiration for runners of Christian faith Less about the minute details of training and about finding inner peace while chasing big dreams even when you come up short This was about joy in the midst of trial and faith that the right path is worth the work even if things don t go exactly the way you envisioned.

    14. Not a bad read, but wasn t exactly what I was expecting Glad the money spent on the book went to support Hall s charity otherwise I would be disappointed in the money spent on the book My public library didn t have a copy I respect Ryan and his love for Christ I hope he does well in London.

    15. Really liked it The tips and insight into his training were great, but than that, this book was about being content with where you are in your training or life even as you strive for your goals Something I ve been dealing with a lot lately and even wrote about on my blog.

    16. LOVE IT so far Easy read in a journal format I love that I can read about his workouts and how fast he runs his speed work as well as how slow he runs his recovery runs Above all he reminds you that what ever your task at hand is to do it for joy and that will be your reward

    17. I liked this book better when I started than when I finished, his thoughts that were fresh at the beginning became repetitive by the end But overall a good reminder to try to see yourself as God does.

    18. Interesting journal of Ryan s lead up to the same Boston Marathon that I ran He spends a lot of time discussion how his faith in God relates to his running Always interesting to get to peak into the lives of elite runners.

    19. I am inspired by Ryan s unfailing faith in God, even under less than perfect conditionswhen workouts or races don t go as planned I love that he is so outward with his faith I can only wish for of that gift in my own life.

    20. Reminds me how blessed I am to be a Christian runner Reminds me why I run I run because I love running, because running makes me feel free and running makes me feel alive Ryan hall is a respectable person for being so selfless to share his emotions with us.

    21. Great bookawesome runner even though he is way better than I will ever even dream to be its nice to read about off days and pushing through them even though it s of a training schedule than a book

    22. A wonderful, inspiring read I like Ryan even now It s a great book about running, but it s probably even about faith and life in general than it is about running I d recommend it to runners and non runners alike.

    23. Glorified training manual, but gives the reader an insight into how one of the finest modern American distance runners trained and balanced work and spiritual life.

    24. Hall s the man At times a bit iffy and sounded a bit too egotistical Crazy workouts nailed and some crazy mileage pounded out.

    25. Interesting book detailing the training of a great American marathoner,and his outlook approach to training and competition.

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